Monday, November 24, 2014

Love to See the Temple

On the very last day of the Phoenix Temple open house, we finally had time to cross town and go see it! Kyle and I enjoyed comparing the motif of the Gilbert Temple to the motif of this temple. The lines were long and slow, so we had time to notice the details. What really stood out was that the font was an oval instead of a circle, and there was a painting behind it that made it look like the water in the painting was flowing directly into the font when you are looking at it from the observation room. Wonderful spirit there, and we were glad we went even though our day was really busy with a funeral in the morning and stake conference meetings at night.

Blessed to have so many temples in Arizona now.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Welcome to the Freak Show

Okay, this isn't the freak show quite yet. This year Kallie was Super Cat! She told me she wanted to be a cat for Halloween, and then when Paige wanted to be a super hero, Kallie wanted to be a super hero, too. And a cat. I suggested she be a super cat, and I made this costume for her.

Brandon loves wearing Kallie's old dragon costume, so he decided he wanted to be a dinosaur this Halloween. Roarrrrrr!

Paige was her own kind of super hero. She dreamed up what Super Paige would look like, and I made it happen. She helped me sew the leg warmers and the fingerless gloves!

Now for the freak show. Can you believe that sign was sold as a shower curtain? Some people have odd taste, but it worked well for our Circus Freakus.

Russ kept the circus going while I took the kids trick-or-treating. Kallie managed to score a soda at one house, but unfortunately it was the last one, and Brandon didn't get one. When we went to this door, he asked the homeowner for a soda. Kids are funny.

One last shot of the amazing three headed man.

And the whole crew, except for the grumpy dinosaur.

And now welcome to the end of the October posts! Woohoo!! I'm catching up!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Jack O'Lanterns

There are two kinds of people in this family: those who will dig the guts out of a pumpkin, and those who won't. That meant Paige and I had to do all the digging!

Brandon mostly played in our vase full of body parts. The one we had in the kitchen... killing everyone's appetites. I should keep it out all year! I'd save a bundle on groceries!

When it came time for carving, we called in the big guns: DAD! Good thing because Kyle cut his thumb once when we let him use a giant bread slicing knife (yeah, what were we thinking?!?!). We should try power tools next year like Danika's family.

Ready for Halloween!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Happy Birthday

I'm ditching the gym right now to get caught up on my blog posts. I'm always spread a little thin in autumn, and I felt bad I only had one night left open in all of October for a birthday party for Kallie, and it was a Monday... the sacred cow of Mormons everywhere. Luckily, our family and our neighbor came to save the day and make sure Kallie had a happy birthday. She just loved the super cat costume I made for her, so she said she wanted everyone to wear their costumes to the party. First we had pizza and hotdogs for dinner.

I even managed to plan for a game this year... pin the bow on Hello Kitty's head.

Miracle of miracles, she got it perfect. We decided to let the birthday girl win, but we made darn sure that mask was covering the eyes of the rest of the kids!!

I think we succeeded, judging by the placement of the rest of the bows.

Everybody got a prize, so it was all good.

Then it was time to open the gifts.

Kallie loves dragons, and now she has a whole city of them (which she plays with ALL the time!).

Last but not least, cupcake time. She looks thrilled, doesn't she?

I hope she's not thinking, "I wish my mom threw better birthday parties for me." I love that even when I'm super busy and don't have the time to go all out for her birthday, she is still happy and tells me what a great birthday she had.

Happy birthday to my little girl with a big spirit!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Along with all the other reasons why October is wonderful, it's the time when the state fair rolls into town! This is one of my favorite yearly traditions, and the Utah fair never was quite the same for me. But times they are a-changin'. The fry bread place where we love to eat every year was GONE! We decided to keep the fry bread tradition alive, though, and we randomly chose a different fry bread stand to try. It actually might have been a little better, so we were plenty fat and happy!

Once our bellies were full, we headed to the midway. We realized after buying $100 in tickets that all the rides were $2 all night! Wahoo! That means LOTS of ride pics! The one I have to go on every year, even though it scares the heck out of me, is the swings.

I loved them so much when I was a kid, but the ones at the state fair now go high into the sky and my heart was pounding the whole time!! Don't particularly love heights unless I'm on solid ground, like on the top of a mountain. Hanging from a chain... yikes!

Paige took a liking to the Flying Dutchman...

while Grandpa took the little kids to the fun house; also a perennial favorite!

Mach 1 is normally $10 a ride, but since there was no line and it was only $2, Russ and Kyle just had to jump on. I was too chicken.

So TALL I could barely fit it in the frame! They are in the car at the top of this picture.

Grandpa and the kids tried out the log ride while I snapped pictures of just about everyone coming down the last fall because I couldn't tell who was in the log from far away. Eventually it was them!

The petting zoo is another stop we have to make every year, but apparently Russ doesn't feel the same way. He bailed and went to ride more rides with Kyle. What the heck?!?! This is FUN!!

The little kids always seem to find this coaster.

They love it!

And they always, ALWAYS ask to go on dizzy dinos. Meanwhile, I always, ALWAYS refuse to go with them. I think all the rides were catching up to Russ, so he said he didn't want to go, but the ride operator said they needed an adult companion, and since I held my ground, he gave in and went with them. What a good dad! He should've gone to the petting zoo with us. Just sayin'.

The Sky Slide is gone now, but at least there is the Euro Slide to take its place. Brandon was scared at first, but as soon as we started hitting the bumps, he was all smiles.

He even went again with Dad.

The girls had a race, and it was a close one.

Not sure what I was thinking when I told Russ I wanted to go on the Tango.

And what would the fair be without a ride on the ferris wheel? My stomach needed a break after the Tango. I must be getting old.

At the top!

A view that makes me happy. Phoenix, family, fair... it always tugs on my nostalgic heart strings.

Somehow Paige convinced me to go on the Flying Dutchman, and it really did me in. I was a little queasy and ready to be done with the rides. I guess that means it was an epic fair trip!

With just a few tickets left that needed to be spent, I took Kallie and Brandon back to the Indiana Jones fun house.

The look on Brandon's face is priceless.

What could be better for settling your stomach than pickleade?!?! I wish I had some right now. YUM!

Goodbye until next year!!