Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Independence Day at Lake Powell is Lit!

Lake Powell!! The crowd pleasing vacay. As soon as we got to West Canyon, the kids jumped in for a swim.

That's when we discovered that Paige had not put the memory card back in the waterproof camera, so we only got a few pictures from the boat.

But never fear! Russ and I made an emergency trek to Dangling Rope to get a new memory card and some other supplies. By the time we hit the slot canyon the next day, we were in business. This mud bog is what Lake Powell memories are made of!

Wishing I was there right now.

Kyle's shoes were not up to the task.

The cool kids.

Though the canyon terrain is mentally challenging and requires a good amount of focus, it's important to remember to look up every now and then.

We made our way through many an obstacle along the way.

Finally, we came to the crack at the end of the slot.

And then we climbed above it because... curiosity!

The rest of the group just headed back without us, so we couldn't go far before we had to turn back and catch up with them.

A journey this epic requires a lot of teamwork.

And a bit of nerve.

On the way back, I knew she was in her happy place.

The fun wasn't over yet, though. At dusk, we hiked up onto the bluff above where our boat was parked to watch the sunset. One of my favorite pics of the trip!

Looking back at the boat.

Fun times in beautiful places. I hope these girls grow up to see life as an adventure.

Since it was Independence Day, we started a fire while waiting for it to get dark enough to light our fireworks.

Soon we heard the deep boom of the big fireworks coming from the other side of the bluff and could see flashing lights dancing on the canyon walls. So we headed over to get a closer look and found a primo viewing spot high on the bluff for an awesome fireworks show.

Not everyone came with us, though, and by the time we got back, some had given up on fireworks all together. We still lit the little ones we brought with us and finished off the day with a pow. Ha.

It was the best day.

Monday, June 11, 2018

A Perfect Day in June?

When a Phoenix gives you a 90-degree fully overcast day in June, you cannot just sit inside in the air conditioning because you probably aren't going to get another day like that until at least September! So we packed up a lunch and some tubes and headed to the Butcher Jones Recreation Area at Saguaro Lake!

This was my first time seeing horses at Saguaro Lake.

First, we headed out on a shoreline hike.

Half way to Burro Cove, we took a water break.

The fruit of the saguaro cactus were all over the place. Pretty as a poppy!

We thought this log looked like an owl. Can you see it?

After three miles, we found ourselves in Burro Cove and kept walking all the way to the end, hoping to find something cool. Alas, we couldn't even reach the shoreline. It was like an enchanted forest with all the gnarled trees, but mostly kind of a bust.

Back we went.

At the end of the hike was the part they were all waiting for... lake fun!

These two had a blast struggling for dominion over the tube.

Goodbye to perfect days.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

School's Out Again

Another May, another school year in the books, and you know what that means... concerts, programs, awards, and maybe a few tears (mostly mine). First, we had this girl's last junior high concert.

She was in the chamber orchestra, and they did a fabulous job!

Ammon has been a good friend of hers throughout the years.

First year of cello was a success!

I had to laugh because for a lot of the song, she seemed to be looking at her partner instead of her music. Forget to practice?

The class clown photobombed her, but it didn't ruin that million dollar smile.

The second graders put on a cute little program. As usual, there are a lot of other heads blocking my kid's head, but he knew his mama needed a smile.

In his classroom, awards were given out to each student.

Can't believe fifth grade is done!