Friday, August 11, 2017


Having kids sometimes means you have to go on the generic cave tour because they aren't old enough for a bigger adventure. Not this time! Somehow, some way, I convinced a couple of adventurous ladies to splurge $100 on the Wild Cave Tour through Colossal Cave. Here we are before getting dirty.

My awesome spelunking partners.

For the first part of the tour, they got us warmed up on some of the easier parts of the cave (and later we found out they were testing our abilities and our courage).

Right away, the guides let us explore a part of the cave they themselves had never been in. How cool!

We had to chimney, shimmy, scooch, crouch, climb, and maneuver through the obstacles of the cave. It was epic!

Definitely not for the claustrophobic.

My favorite picture. Adventure on! (I'm about to pull myself up a vertical passage where my head is.)

My sister-in-law is afraid of heights and was a little uncomfortable straddling this chasm, but she did awesome.

Going up!

There were a lot of "birth canals." Now I know why it's good to do walking planks at the gym... they came in handy!

Here we are in the deepest belly of the cave. Okay, there's probably a deeper one we're not allowed to go in, but still... we even got to sign the log book that becomes a part of the cave's history. Did you hear that? We made history!

Very dirty, very tired, very happy adventurers.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Moonlight Ride

Someone gave me the idea of a moonlight Salt River float, and you know what? I actually planned it! Sarah is the master photographer and managed to get this awesome selfie of the group with the mighty Superstitions in the background by propping her phone up on her truck.

Soon it was twilight, and we prepared our tubes for launch. The full moon was out, there weren't many clouds, and we even saw a falling star (thanks to the Perseid meteor shower)!

I tried to get a picture of the full moon, but instead I got an artistic view of the glow sticks from another group passing by and a crazy moon. I thought it was pretty cool, though!

I blinded everyone a few dozen times trying to get the settings on my camera right, but hey, it was worth it! (To me.) Here's one half of the party crew! Wait, Russ, why are you sitting backwards? Always trying to be different.

And the other half.

And me.

We had some seriously hilarious moments on that trip. There was a shallow spot with a big rock, and we didn't manage to maneuver around it, so Shawn's whole tube got beached on it and we came to a sudden halt. Then there were the rude people blasting their crappy music, and Pete got out and pulled our whole tube train with full on freestyle swimming. When Sarah said he hates music in nature, she was serious. Later on in a quiet part of the river, we suddenly heard a loud plop... right on my side! Was it Nessy? I held my butt up high until it was shaking after that. Then there were the rapids at the end, and the Spendloves had the unfortunate luck of going over first, backwards. I saw water wash over their entire bodies right before I got soaked myself. By then it was like 10pm, and getting soaked made us a little chilly, but luckily our ride was almost over. That was a night I'll never forget!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Off to Never Never Land

Nope, not Peter Pan. No Disney. Metallica!!

So here's the deal, kids. I love rock. Hard rock. Punk rock. I love to roll down my windows, crank up the tunes, and slam on the gas. I only wish I had a stick shift to complete the experience. I'm not the biggest Metallica fan, but they have some seriously rocking tunes, so I vowed if they ever came back to Phoenix, I'd go see these rock legends in person.

Getting to the show was a nightmare. The traffic was insane and poorly directed, so it took us two hours when it only should have taken one. Sadly, that meant we missed BOTH opening bands and only got there in time to wait the entire intermission between Sevendust and Metallica. Bummer! Well, I entertained myself by taking pictures of all the stoners dressed in black and sending them to my friends. These guys have a lot of fans! It was a full house!

Glad I wore black, too, so I could fit in. This is me in my Joshua Tree shirt, and of course I couldn't help thinking about how U2 would be playing in this very same stadium on September 19th, but I wouldn't be there! Why? Because Russ thinks going twice is enough. Pout, pout. I'm going to be jealous of my friends who are going, but then I'll be happy again when I see them in San Diego on our wedding anniversary. Yay!

And that's it for my commentary. Now it's just pics of the epic stage show with the giant screens, spotlights, and fireworks galore.

As nature abhors a vacuum, so also does Stacey abhor pop music. Rock and roll forever!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Calling Fans of Studio C!

As soon as I found out Jesterz Improv was having a show featuring Jason Gray from Studio C, I knew I need to get tickets for my daughter. She is such a huge fan and always quoting the skits! It was a mother daughter date, and she was so excited to see him perform. It was really funny!

And with our tickets, she also got to meet him!

I'm the best mom ever, right?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Another First Day?

I feel like I must be running out of first days. There have been so many of them! And sadly, only one last first day before high school for this girl. Yikes! Seriously, didn't she just start kindergarten? Flash back! Awwwww...

And now, after just one blink of the eye. She's all grown up, and taking an extra class before school starts just because she's so smart and motivated. Go girl!

Next to leave were the last two elementary school kids.

Yes, you know I'm that mom. The one who brings the kids one minute late and takes pictures.

He literally jumped off the bus.

The end of a good day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Idyllic Day on Fossil Creek

The last morning of our mini vacation, we met our friends at the beginning of the road down to Fossil Creek. She didn't think her minivan could make it down 14 miles of rough dirt road, so she and her kids piled into the Expedition. And here's why that was a smart decision...

Sure, the ranger gave us some pointers, but as you can see by the looks of our hands, we did all the dirty work! It was all worth it, though, since we got to swim in this beautifully clear creek. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to go back!

Kallie is like a little mermaid. She loves to swim, and she loves animals. All she wanted to do was swim around and try to touch the fish. These pictures capture her personality and make me smile... she is a friend to nature.

This girl is quite the explorer, swimming up and down the stream.

Next we hiked up to the area where the main waterfall is.

Sadly, that's where all the people are, too, but we managed to get a few shots with minimal photo bombs.

Soon we decided that was too crowded, and we headed back to a swimming area that we found idyllic.

Yes, we did get home safely on our spare tire. So glad it's a full size tire! Fossil Creek... I will miss you! See you next year!