Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Soakin' Up San Diego

I am SO glad our adventure drought is OVER! For Labor Day, we headed to San Diego for Uncle Ian's 30th birthday party at Ski Beach on Mission Bay. We woke up at 5AM and were on the road by 6:30AM for a slightly late arrival (we didn't get to say, "Surprise!!"), but it was all good because we had four hours of food, cousins, and play.

Oh yeah, and weird uncles.

Did I mention food?

The kids had a ton of fun riding on Grandma's scooter...

playing volleyball with Grandpa...

hangin' with the birthday boy...

and playing on the beach!

This is what I don't like about the beach. On the bright side, he didn't have to pay a bunch of money at a salon for an exfoliation.

Saturday night, we took Kyle to his first concert. I could have done without all the swearing, and I would have made sure we got there after the third band was done if I had known they only know one adjective out of all the words in the English language, but Bad Religion and The Offspring rocked!

As soon as we arrived, we noticed the giant mosh pit, and I took Kyle over to witness this spectacle of our generation. I was just happy to see one, since many of the bands that were famous for mosh pits back in the day don't have a young enough fan base anymore for such antics. I'm nostalgic like that! Kyle likes one of The Offspring's newer songs, and he said if they played it, he would feel like it was his time to try out a mosh pit. Sure enough, second to last song, I turned around and Russ told me Kyle had gone to join the mayhem. I went over to try to get a picture, and almost got knocked over by two huge dudes that were getting into a fight. Luckily I was able to hang onto my phone, but I had to be satisfied with this blurry picture. Kyle is the one in the gray shirt with one hand in the air, kind of behind another guy in a black shirt. Oh how those sweaty backs look familiar, right Lori? He said it was insane. He fell down once, and before he could do anything about it, he felt some dude pick him up and chuck him back into the pit, where he hit another guy and knocked him flat. Memories!

Sunday we went to church with the Littles (and with the Jorgensens just by chance!), and Russ caught up with a few friends from the old days. After church, we soon realized we would have to go outside to chat because our kids were so excited to be with their friends again.

It was hard to get these monkeys to hold still long enough for a picture!

We were pretty excited to be with our friends, too.

Paige loved hanging out with the baby, which worked out well since they were the only two kids who didn't have another kid the same age. Unless you count Kyle, the man child.

After church, we headed over to Uncle Spencer's new townhome to play with cousins some more.

And then we went back to the Littles' house for dinner and fun. The girls laid the drama on thick.

While the other kids built temples and made patterns with the Qwirkle blocks. The adults played Phase 10, and we had to stop early out of mercy... Stacey: phase 3, Kyle: phase 8!

The next day, we met the Littles at Coronado Island for a surrey adventure!

I had a little habit of jumping off and running ahead for pics. It was quite the scenic drive!

We almost died with Kyle driving... and when I say we, I mean one of the cars parked on the side of the road. Yikes! He gave us some much needed horsepower to catch up to the other surrey, though.

We took a break under the Coronado Bridge before heading back.

Yeah, we're in the lead!

The whole crew.

Afterward, we headed to In n Out Burger for lunch. Paige was such a good little babysitter.

The boys took their last opportunity to play together before it was time to say goodbye.

Now you may think the fun was over at that point, but if you did, you'd be ignoring the fun of the highway pee stop!

Okay, now the fun really is over. We had such a great time and can't wait to go back for our anniversary in a couple of weeks!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Sun, Lake Fun

Fun day at the lake with the Park family! Good thing they brought their camera since I left my memory card at home in the computer. It was actually kind of nice not having to be the designated photographer.

Brandon was much braver than usual. The first two times he tried to go on a slow ride, the tube submerged at takeoff and dumped him off. I was really surprised he was willing to try again... twice! We finally decided he needed someone on there to weigh the back down a little more.

Paige and her friend always have a difference of opinion about the best speed.

Kiddie ride = relaxation time!

Ready to go!

Near the end of the day, I convinced Russ to let me drive so he could go on a ride. Or should I say I conned him?

Yeah... I dumped him. Well, I didn't DUMP him... but I did boot him off the shark. Bye bye now!

Turns out the only shark crash of the day was a little more wild than usual, and we ended up with four bumped heads. Back to the kiddie ride! Poor Kevin only got to go on a slow ride. Danika got all the fun!

Sadly, there wasn't enough sunlight left to do more fast rides, but we'll be back. We still need to see Danika the daredevil try out water skiing!

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little Tribute

Once in a really long while, you find a family that is pretty much the perfect fit for your own family. Nerdy dad: check. Cool mom (if I do say so myself): check. Cute little girl: check. Rowdy little boy: check. Likes to do the same things you do: CHECK!! Well, we might not have listened to the same music, but we can let that one slide.

We knew they would be fun-loving when they agreed to do the Neon Splash Dash before they really even knew us. They were our first team mates!

Materials to make a trebuchet: $120. Pumpkins to throw: $8. Someone who understands you: priceless.

They drove all the way to Coolidge to see the trebuchet in action.

And get their farm on.

There was no engineering feat that Adam and Russ couldn't solve together.

A party wasn't a party if they didn't show up.

When you find a bff for your toddler, you do anything to keep him around.

This was a common scene at lunch time when the girls were at school.

When I needed backup, Cindy was always there to help, whether I needed an emergency babysitter or a hundred little carrot fingers! She even made the darling signs, which I kept.

Party people in the house! No, they didn't just get home from their shift at the hospital. It was Halloween!

Having your best friend come over on your birthday = BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!

In the end, Adam found a better gig in San Diego. They spent their last night in Chandler having one last play date with us.

And then we took them to Sweet Tomatoes for "the last supper."

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye.

But it wasn't goodbye forever. Of all the cities they could have moved to, they ended up in the one we visit the most. In fact, they go to the same church building we used to attend! We already have a couple trips planned out there, so we are excited we will get to see our friends again soon. Plus, we don't want them to get a chance to replace us!