Sunday, February 22, 2009

If you think these look bad...

You should smell them!!

These are supposed to be peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and, well, they are a little overcooked. I took ingredients from three different recipes to make a concoction that I thought would taste best, and... I guess I should've watched them just a little more closely! Apparently the ten minutes that one of the recipes called for was a little too long for my recipe. The smoke alarm went off in all its glory and everything... it was awesome! And, no, I didn't cook them in the skillet. That skillet was just a convenient place to dump them before I made my second batch, which I only cooked for eight minutes on a higher rack in the oven. That batch turned out great and just barely saved me from a kid riot... whew!

Poor Kallie, though. She really hates peanut butter but happens to have a mother who loves it. I thought maybe she wouldn't notice it in a cookie, and I gave her a tiny chunk to try, but her peanut butter senses were tingling, and she immediately rejected it. I don't understand how she can be my daughter and not like peanut butter!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My poetry sees the light of day

I wrote these back in college back when I was more idealistic and sensitive to my emotions. Now I've settled into adulthood, with the monotony of laundry and dirty diapers, and it has numbed me to the point where I rarely have inspiration for poetry. Is that a good or bad thing? I don't know, but I do look back at that old self and find I'm a little jealous, and when I see young people who remind me of my old self, I just think that they are naive and will soon find themselves acquainted with reality. Anyway, that was just a little rambling there. I was cleaning off my old hard drive, and I found these poems and decided I needed to publish them so that they wouldn't get lost. You can comment on them if you like, or just enjoy.


Some prefer oblivion
I want more and faster
Socrates is dead
And we only serve hamburgers anyway

[Speak to me]

Speak to me
A soul out of excuses
Though every little yesterday
Beneath insatiable regret
And I can't remember
The last time I had coffee

[I still remember]

I still remember the ache in my muscles
When I tried to understand
Sweat on my temple
Pistol in my head
You never told me it would be like this
And I believed you


In the confidence of night
You tell me you love me
Your breath on my skin
A promise this is real
In soberness
I search for a reply
When did we need more than this?
But you drew your finger to my lips
And I fell into dreams

Soul Cleansing

A cathedral rose into the sky
And I looked hard to see God
Hot tears on my cheeks
A weak numbness in my heart
The cold stars on my hood
And me

Copyright Stacey Johnston 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Childish fun

So, Saturday night Russ and I went to the stake night for marriage, and we agreed that when they started the dance, we'd go somewhere else and do something fun... after we got some refreshments. We met up with our only friends and started chatting and asked them what they thought we should do afterward for fun. The guy suggested we go toilet papering, and I got a giant grin on my face... yeah, that would be fun, and it wouldn't cost much either! We joked that we could go right then and toilet paper their house while they were still at the dance. Ha ha ha.

We ended up staying longer than we had planned, and we ended up leaving at the same time as them. We went home, put the kids in bed, and then headed off to Applebee's for dessert (since the refreshments mostly consisted of store-bought sandwich cookies that we were supposed to dip in a chocolate fountain along with a bunch of other people in our stake... sorry, I'm not into that). While eating dessert, I got a brilliant idea... let's really go toilet paper their house... it will be so funny!

So, we headed off to the store and got some toilet paper, and then we drove over to their house at about 11pm. Their lights were still on, and they live on a major street, so there were cars going by constantly. That just added to the excitement! Russ kept watch while I looped the toilet paper all around their front porch... I only did one roll because I wasn't trying to be mean... just funny.

I couldn't help laughing thinking about how they would discover it. They would pull out of the garage to go to church and as they were backing out, they would go, what the heck is on our porch? Yep... and that's exactly how it happened. We were making bets on whether or not the girl would laugh... Russ said no, and I said I could imagine her just going, Oh my gosh, they really did it... they are so immature! But what actually happened was, she turned to her husband and said, Why would you even suggest that to them? Haha... I hope she reads this.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I just saved a bunch of money on my fuel pump

So, back in October, Russ drove our old (but trusty) 1994 Camaro down to West Jordan (about an hour drive away) for a soccer game, and when he was on his way home, it died... after about a mile. It was snowing lightly that day, so you can imagine how happy I was to have to get the girls in the car and drive an hour to pick him up. Luckily, we had roadside assistance insurance, so the tow truck was paid for, but it would only take the car to the nearest shop for repair, which was within a block.

The shop eventually came to the conclusion that the car had a faulty fuel pump, and quoted us over $1000 to repair it! After having a bunch of expenses that year, we really didn't want to have to give up another grand, and we didn't even know if the car was worth repairing. So, the next week, we drove down there to pick it up, and luckily it ran all the way until we got home.

It sat in our garage for a long time, and we thought we might sell it broken, but we hadn't gotten around to it when I decided to look for fuel pumps online and found that they only cost about $200 (about half of what the shop was going to charge us for it!). A guy in our ward had told us that his dad fixes cars, so we called him up and found that he would do it for $398 parts & labor. Sounded like a deal! So, last night, we took it over to get it repaired. Today he called to say that the fuel filter was almost completely clogged, so he replaced it and cleaned the fuel injectors, and it seemed to be working fine! The bill? $105! I am doing the happy dance now! That guy just saved us $900, so I'm saying he's my new best friend.

I'm also happy because my boys' new bedding arrived today. I love it! I thought it would be nice to have the new bedding when our house goes on the market... I mean, really, they needed it anyway. Buzz Lightyear and Yu-Gi-Oh are so five years ago (and not too stylish).

And Paige and I got to go to the fire station today for a field trip, so now all the kids are pretending there's a fire and crawling around the room and rehearsing, "Stop, Drop, and Roll!" I'm glad to know their lessons on fire safety didn't go in one ear and out the other.