Sunday, April 19, 2009

Even Visine Couldn't Get This Red Out

Sorry to all you who tried to read this post and it did not exist. I wanted to make sure what I was saying would still be true the next day.

Okay, has anyone besides me ever noticed how red and pink stains are exceptionally stubborn?

Kallie got a bubble blower for her birthday in October, and I, trying to be frugal, bought the bubble solution at the dollar store... pink, scented bubbles. What genius came up with those? I don't know, but that person is at least as smart as me... cuz I bought them.

And when the kids asked me if they could take the bubble blower machine down to the basement... I agreed. Cuz I'm smart.

What could go wrong? Yeah, you know where I'm going with this. Soon there was a big, pink, scented puddle on my cream colored carpet.

Enter my neighbor's Bissell steam cleaner. That awesome machine did wonders on my carpet, but it was no match for the pink stain. I spot shotted that stain, went over it with the steam cleaner like 50 times, scrubbed it with the hand tool, and then spot shotted it again... and while the pink may have gotten lighter, it was still there. It was determined to stay.

Getting my house ready to sell, I thought I'd check the internet for possible solutions to my little pink predicament. I searched specifically for how to get red stains out of carpet, and while I found several solutions, I decided to try this one.

Put a few drops of original Dawn in 2 cups of water. Soak a washcloth in this solution and wring out. Lay the washcloth over the stain, and then put a clothes iron on top and set to low. I forgot how long you're supposed to wait, but I waited like 10 minutes. The stain is supposed to wick slowly into the washcloth.

I didn't have any Dawn, so I put spray n wash on the stain and then covered it with a damp washcloth. After a few minutes, I checked the washcloth, and sure enough... there was now a big pink stain on the washcloth! Given that there was still more stain to get out, I repositioned the washcloth and put the iron back on and waited a long, long time. When I came back, the stain was almost completely gone!! This was like the most awesome thing I've discovered in a long time, so I just had to share.

A word of caution, though, Russ pointed out that the carpet looks slightly lighter where I treated the stain. I don't know if this is because I put so much carpet cleaner on that spot, used spray n wash instead of Dawn, left the iron on too long, or just because that area is now cleaner than the carpet around it. I'm still happy... it is barely noticeable, and it looks great to me! I treated a few other pink stains in different areas with great results, and I didn't notice any extra lightening of the carpet on those stains, though I didn't use as much spray n wash, and I didn't leave the iron on as long.

Anyway, there ya go. You're welcome.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Air Fresheners

So, as I was giving the Realtor a tour of the kids' bedrooms, she politely said, "You might want to use a Glade plug-in or something to make it smell fresh."

I'm really not an air "freshener" type of person... I prefer plain old air. But, I know other people might notice smells in my house that I don't, and I know that my kids' rooms stink. So, I took her advice and loaded up on the Glade plug-ins. I got three that have fans and hold two oils, and I put one of those on each floor and set them on low. I also got three little gel ones for each of the full baths.

That was a few hours ago, and now I seriously feel like my nose hairs are burning, and I think I have a slight headache from the smell. So now I'm wondering... is this really going to help? Or will people be sickened by the smell? Is it just that I chose the wrong scents (clean linen and sunny days, which are supposed to be coordinated scents)? Or that I'm just not used to air fresheners, but I will be soon? Should I do something else instead... like candles? What do you think?