Monday, May 25, 2009

Packing (and crying)

No, not because I'm leaving Utah.

As I'm carefully wrapping the mugs, vases, and a tiny tea set, I'm wondering, "Why do I always read the obituaries as I'm packing to move?" I remember doing that while packing my dishes in California... with the same effect... sniff, sniff.

So now I'm a little teary-eyed about "Angela, our little angel," who was born with disabilities in 1978 and recently passed away due to lymphoma. How sad!

On a lighter note, the boys saw me holding the editorial cartoons, and Kyle exclaimed, "Ah! Frankenstein!" Then Will corrected, "No, that's Obama."


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Paige Graduates from Kiddie Kollege

It's hard for me to accept that my little girl is getting so big, but I guess it happens to all of them. Over the past year, she has grown so much. She has become so good at recognizing her letters and is even starting to read, she is very good at counting, she absolutely loves to sing (in tune, too), and she loves to spell the names of the people in her family (often putting an I and a heart next to their names). She is so curious, and helps me see the world through the eyes of the child in me. I have loved watching her every step of the way.

Here she is with her brothers before her preschool graduation program began yesterday.

She was so sweet and beautiful, I couldn't help tearing up a little.

Here we have the graduating class getting ready to begin. Paige is on the left side.

She starred in the song, "Two Little Magic Words," where she had the word "please" on one hand and "thanks" on the other, and she did these little hand gestures as the kids sang, "If you want the butter, say, 'Please, pass the butter,' and when you get the butter, say, 'Thanks for the butter.'"

Another little girl stopped going to Kiddie Kollege, so she was lucky enough to take that girl's place in the song, "I Am a Child of God."

Here she is at the very end of the program, being eclipsed by a big ninja.

And here she is leaving the stage when the show was over.

I can't thank Sister Chapman, whose family runs the school, enough for coming to my house and asking if I wanted Paige to go to Kiddie Kollege. It didn't cross my mind to put her in preschool, but it has been such a blessing for Paige... she has loved it so much, she has learned so much, and she will definitely miss it.

I can't believe I have a Kindergartener!

Friday, May 1, 2009

$5 and I'm a kid again

Me: "I wish I could play my old Zelda game."
Russ: "I think you can download the older games to the Wii."

That was all I needed to hear. Now that we finally figured out how to get our Wii connected to the Internet (thanks to Spencer and his Mario Kart tournament), I decided to check out the shopping channel and look for the old games I used to play. I put in my credit card number, and a few minutes later I was downloading Zelda and Super Mario 2. Me, giddy, yeah.

Me: "Russ, the opening screen is just like I remember it."
Russ: "Uh, what did you expect?"
Me: "Oh yeah, I totally remember those guys! This is awesome!"

Etc., etc.

And suddenly it was like the clock had rolled back 20 years. I was kicking butt like no other. All this awesome happiness for only $5 a game. That's cheap entertainment. My kids had fun playing the games, too, even though, as Kyle said, "They have crappy graphics."

One question, though, why did it take game makers so long to figure out that it sure is nice to be able to stop and save your game whenever you want? You can't save at all on Super Mario 2, so that might explain why children of the 80's & 90's spent so many hours playing video games... they couldn't stop or they'd lose all their progress!!

And that's what's up with me. I didn't take one photograph in April... what a shame. Of course, I've been following the kids around cleaning up messes to keep our house in show condition, too. It's not really the laid back lifestyle I'm accustomed to, and it's getting on my nerves. We've had a couple of showings in the past two weeks, and an open house today, but that's not really enough to make up for all the work I've been doing to keep the house nice. Seriously, selling a house is exhausting.