Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Principal's Pride Award

One day a couple of weeks ago, Paige brought an invitation home from school that said, "Your child has been chosen as a recipient of the Principal's Pride Award for consistently demonstrating the Ryan [Elementary] life skills." As a result, we were invited to attend the principal's Royal Breakfast with her to honor her achievement. Only one girl and one boy from each class was chosen for this honor, so it is really a great accomplishment for her, especially since she started school later than the other children. I am so proud of how well she has done in school, both academically and behaviorally. Her teacher sent me an email saying she consistently exhibits the skills that are conducive to learning, and that it was remarkable how she adjusted so quickly and so well to the classroom environment. Way to go, Paige!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Day of School

Okay, I know I'm a little late on this one since the kids' first day at school was August 6th, but you have to give me a break... I've been busy dealing with escrow and then moving into our new home!!

All the other kids started July 27th, but our kids couldn't start until we were in escrow on our home, so they started a week and a half late.

Before school, the kids posed for some pictures.

I took Paige and Kyle to the elementary school, while Russ went with William to the junior high. Since I couldn't be in two places at once, I helped Kyle find his teacher and then pretty much left him to figure things out on his own. I went with Paige to her classroom, and her teacher showed her around the classroom. Then we went outside to line up with the other kids. I took that opportunity to find Kyle out on the playground and make sure he was doing okay. He was, of course.

I was kind of worried that Paige would have a hard time letting go of me, as she can be clingy when she is in a new environment. I went with her to the classroom, and when the teacher assigned her to the all-boy table, I got worried. Paige is a tender girl, and boys can be a little overwhelming for her with their rowdiness.

To my surprise, she seemed just fine.

Soon, I told her I was going to leave her there, and she said it was okay. No grabbing on to me, no whimper, no plea for me to stay. It seemed like it was easier for her than it was for me... it made me a little wistful to think that she's so grown up and doesn't need her momma as much anymore.

As for the boy table, all I ever hear about is Lu-oo-uke (you have to pronounce the middle "oo" sound a little higher than the rest). Apparently, Paige likes him.