Friday, December 18, 2009

Goin' Blue

My blog is going blue in honor of the first boy born to my side of the family in two generations. Can you believe it? After ten girls, we finally have proof that it CAN be done! Here are some photographs from the ultrasound.

Top of the head.



He's waving at you!

Here is a profile shot.

I still can't believe it's a boy... I'm in shock!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a Great, Great Thing to Be a Plumber

Okay, the next couple of posts are going to be a little out of chronological order because I didn't realize how many pictures I had stored up on my camera.

On November 19, my sister invited me to go to her daughter's school program called "When I Grow Up." Here she is with the kids waiting for the show to begin.

Natalie's class came in soon after. She's the one in the light pink hat.

Now the reason I'm posting these pictures is because I like to tease Natalie a lot (she's a good sport), and she didn't actually want to be one of the plumbers, but she had no choice because her whole class had to be plumbers. She wanted to be a baker, though!

Because she's a good dancer, she got to be in the front row on the stage. It was kind of dark in there, so even though I creeped up near the front, the pics are still kind of dark.

"It's a great, great thing to be a plumber... you get paid by the hour..."

"Oh it's a great, great thing to be a plumber... you can install your own shower."

If you see her, have her do the song and dance, and tell her that Stacey told you how awesome it was. She'll love that!

Just to toss another picture in, a couple of days later, the kids came over to play at my house. Natalie discovered that the Webkinz pet she had let Paige borrow was put into our "recycle bin" (for toys that are left out). So, the girls did a chore to get it out. Notice how many paper towels they used... wow... and Paige was really trigger happy with the cleaner.

It looked okay until the sun hit it... then I saw streaks everywhere! It's not really their fault, though, because that window was super dirty since our back yard is just dirt right now. They got it... well, sorta clean. But they sure looked cute doing it!