Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sweet Beauties

I usually don't give my girls fancy hairdos, but a couple of weeks ago, we played "beauty shop" before church and gave them both curls. They loved it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mommy has a big owie

A really big owie.

Lake Powell was awesome as usual, even though it ended with a... bang(?) I watched the familiar scenes of the main channel fade into the distance with an elevated leg and an ice pack on my knee as we made our way back to the marina. I still have a love for that place that runs deep, but I am reminded from time to time that it is still wild and free, and sometimes nature is no match for me.

It was our last day and our last run on the ski boat. I would go first so that I could come back early and feed the baby. As we sped out into the openness of the canyon, I jokingly suggested that we should all go out with a bang and break a bone. Upon arriving at our starting point, I jumped in and attempted the slalom ski a couple of times. When I wasn't making any progress on that, I decided to try my luck on the "big easy," a wider ski. I usually have to put skis on the smallest setting for my foot, so I thought this ski would be no different. After adjusting the boot, I knew it was much tighter than usual... I knew it! I even remarked that there was no way my foot would come out of that boot if I crashed, and yet I didn't follow through on that thought all the way to the consequences. After a couple of tries, it looked like I was about to get up, and that gave me hope. I told the crew in the boat that I would try just once more and then let someone else have a turn, so I was even more determined to get up. As I floated on the gently rolling waves, I meditated for a moment and visualized myself succeeding. As soon as the waves had settled enough, I called out that fateful word... "Go!"

The run started the same way all the others had. I had good control of the ski, it was pointed at the boat, and I was out of the water high enough to have a good view of the boat and the wake. Seeing the white, churning water ahead of me, I knew we had gained a lot of speed, and I kept expecting to hit that sweet spot when you know you can stand up. But before feeling the sweet spot, I saw that I was starting to head into the left wake. Some goals are just not worth undying determination, but knowing this was my last try caused me to just keep hanging on in the foolish belief that I might be able to recover and maneuver that ski back into control. It felt like I would fall the way I always did, but after I let go this time, I turned in such a way that the force of the water against the ski twisted and jerked my knee in unnatural directions.

The pain was immediate and intense, and I reacted with a primal scream that echoed throughout the canyon. The people on the boat could hear me, but weren't sure what it meant. I kept screaming as the boat came around, and Russ asked if I was alright. I cried in desperation that I was not, and that I knew I couldn't walk. He immediately jumped into the water to help me out, and as the waves knocked the ski back and forth, I pleaded with him to get it off my foot. He loosened the boot to release my foot and pulled me over to the boat where he and Ben pulled me out of the water. As I sat there cold and dripping, the pain mercifully subsided a little bit, and I was able to make a couple of lighthearted comments on our way back to the houseboat. That didn't mean everything was okay. On approach, we signaled to my dad that we had an injury, and he came down to the back deck to help hoist me out of the ski boat and onto the big bed in the back bedroom. Ben stayed with me and helped me get my leg elevated and iced. I could see out the window that Russ was parking the boat, and I called out to him to get back on and let Kallie have the ride on the towable that she had been so anxiously awaiting. I assured him I felt no pain and that there was nothing he could do, so he reluctantly went back out for a little while.

As the hours went by, the pain returned, and my knee ached and throbbed through the night. I needed help with every trip to the restroom since I couldn't use my leg at all, and I didn't get up for anything else... even the last bonfire. It was a little sad, but I took it well, despite not yet knowing how serious my injury was.

Fast forward a little. We visited the ER as soon as we got home on Sunday, and I learned I had fractured my tibia. They put my knee in a brace, gave me crutches and pain medications, and reluctantly sent me home. I saw the orthopedist on Thursday, and the good news is that I won't be needing surgery or a cast. I'm stuck in a brace, and next week I will get one that bends at the knee, but I won't be able to walk on my leg for at least 4 weeks. I start physical therapy on Monday to try to get my knee bending again... that sounds painful, but I'm looking forward to healing. I have so many angels helping me with my everyday tasks, and it makes me feel so loved, so that is the bright spot. Thank you to all who have offered help... from the bottom of my heart.

So, what should I do with all the time I'll be spending right here on this couch? I have been solving crossword and variety puzzles, watching tv, and surfing the net, and I almost bought the new Super Mario Galaxy game, but Princess Peach doesn't really need to be saved, does she? There must be something more useful I can do that I usually can't get around to because I'm so busy caring for the household. I have considered reading the Book of Mormon or maybe starting my life story. What do you think?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rain Isn't Always Fun

As is likely to happen during an Arizona summer, we had a huge monsoon storm blow through last week. Yeah, it's sunny most of the time, but when Mother Nature decides it's time to hit us with a storm, she really goes all out!

We bought a raincoat for Kallie while we were in Cali, and she had talked about using it in the rain ever since, so she was really excited to find out it was raining (never mind that it was still too hot to be wearing any sort of coat). We got out the cute umbrellas, too, for our daily trip to Paige's bus stop.

That picture was taken out on our front porch when we had just barely left the safety of our house and she was still smiling. We didn't even get off our property before we found out that the pouring rain and gusts of wind were too much for our little umbrellas. We were soaked within seconds, and as we turned back to the house, the bitterness of disappointment set in for little Kallie Grace.

The storm was over almost as quickly as it had begun, but it sure left a trail of destruction in its path. Streets were flooded, mud and garbage cans were everywhere, huge trees were down, and our little purple umbrella had a tear in the fabric. Our palo verde tree even lost a limb, and someone we heard about lost their trampoline when it went flying over their house. That might have hurt if it had fallen on someone!

Kallie, though she has her moments, is a sweet little girl. I caught her sitting in the baby swing, so I told her she wasn't allowed to sit there because she might break it, but that she could sit in the car seat.

She loves her baby brother, but sometimes I wonder if she still wants to be the baby. Of course, she'll always be my baby...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Blessed Day

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting things, but you have to cut me some slack. I'm juggling five kids now, including a newborn, and so much has been going on! But I didn't want to go another day without posting pictures of one of Brandon's most special days so far, second only to the day he was born.

On Father's Day this year, we were happy to have him blessed by his father.

He wasn't even aware of the party going on in his honor.

There was food galore, and lots of family enjoying each other.

Sorry, Brandon, but you are related to these goofy uncles of yours!

We got a cute dino cake for him, although he had to enjoy it secondhand (it was good... just ask Kallie).

Of course, Brandon did get a lot of attention.

We couldn't be prouder parents of this beautiful baby boy. He has already brought our family so much joy!

See, I knew he would look smashing in his blessing outfit! And those booties Aunt Kristen made are just a treasure! These pictures were done by my sister, Jill.

Love you, Brandon.