Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Red rock dreams at sunset

Believe it or not, a couple of weekends ago was my very first trip to Sedona. I know, I was practically raised on day trips, and I lived here for 25 years before moving to California, so how could this happen?

Okay, I take it back. My dad flew me and my high school boyfriend to Sedona (yes, the view was awesome), and we had lunch at the airport before flying back, but that was it.

I didn't even know about Red Rock State Park (how embarrassing)

Saturday, I just had a hankering to get out of town, and I asked Russ if he had anything going on the next day at church. He said no, so we made a quick plan and took off the next morning. Boy am I glad I parted Kallie's hair pretty straight because I sure got a lot of pictures of the back of her head. You know, she's exploring, so what am I supposed to do?

Don't worry, I asked her to turn around once in a while.

The original idea was to find some fall color, but alas, the trees were not turning yet. I'm glad Paige managed to find a few beautiful specimen.

Maybe this leaf is turning, or maybe it just happened to be dying. Either way, I'm cool with it.

There's something about kids sitting by a stream that is so quintessential summer time... if only they had overalls and bare feet.

See that collection in her hands? I was pleased to see the girls finding the simple little things in nature so beautiful that they wanted to collect them and take them home.

Finding a bridge is always fun for some reason. Even I get excited. I know, you saw a bridge before... but that was the first bridge, and this is the second one. Still very cool.

For Russ, there was a lot of bug slapping. I don't know why I laughed so much about that... it was kinda mean.

When you're exploring, you might find a funny forest that only exists in dreams and fairy tales... very curious.

And there just might be a lot of bugs to slap (ha ha)

While you are on your adventure, you must write everything down so you can remember when you wake up...

(using your imaginary pencil, of course)

And share a smile with your friends before you leave.

What would you do after a fun adventure like that? PLAY! We found a park just before sunset that had beautiful views of the red mountains, and the girls got to run free.

Russ and Brandon sat and watched.

And now I get to share with you some of the nature photos I took.

Okay, I really wanted to let you enjoy these photos in silence, but I can't be quiet. I love this next picture because of the light. I was trying to capture it, but I think you just had to be there. It was glistening!

And I thought this one looked like a postcard picture, so there you go. You can send me 25 cents and then print this out and send it to your friends so that you can pretend you went to Sedona, too.

Finally, I found some beautiful fall color... even if it was on the plant at the visitors center.

Arizona sunsets cannot be matched. What a beautiful way to end a beautiful day.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I know you've been wondering

What has Stacey been up to? Well, this ought to give you a hint.

Isn't she the most gorgeous mermaid you have ever seen? I had to shorten this pattern by almost a foot to make it fit Kallie (aka "Sharkie," as she has asked to be called for the last several days... before that, she was "Link").

We got a new car... well, it's new to us. Either way, it's always fun to have new wheels, and this is our first vehicle purchase in 7 years, so we're happy!

Is Brandon big? YEAH!

Kallie took a tap class with Savannah in September, and she loved it. She just can't wait for her ballet class to start in a couple of weeks.

My leg is getting a lot better. I was finally able to take my brace off on Thursday, so I am walking... kinda. It's still painful, so I'm slow and working on getting rid of my limp. I'm continuing physical therapy for now to help me regain my strength and balance. It's so liberating to be crutch-free, though! I can carry my baby, cook dinner, and clean my house. I can also drive places, so I'm back to running errands and finding reasons to go to Costco or Joann. Not good for our budget, but it is nice to be able to get off the couch!

I found a picture of myself at Lake Powell shortly before the accident. I wish I could go back to that day and decide to loosen the boot on the ski a little more.

I was also reminded that we had a lot of fun at Lake Powell, and we'll miss it until we get to go again.

Oh summer, how I am sad to see you go. But last night, I experienced the cool air of October, which comes like a sigh of relief to those of us living in Phoenix, and I started getting excited for the months to come. Halloween, state fair, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas... it's just wonderful now that I don't have to dread the snow. No offense, Utah... I'm sure your trees are just beautiful right now, but your snow makes a cold, slushy mess!

Fall = happiness