Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Fun and ER Visit

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Time to relax now that the week of Halloween is over. It was a mad dash to finish all five costumes that I made this year (I stayed up until 5am one night!), a trip to the fair, a dinner and birthday celebration for Kallie, the ward trunk or treat, and all our regular appointments in between.


On Halloween day, we managed to find time to carve a pumpkin together. It was a family effort...

Russ drew the design.

I carved it.

The girls cleaned out the innards and played in the mess.

That night, Russ set up in front of our house.

Paige's no sew witch costume turned out really cute.

The mermaid was beautiful, and the alien was out-of-this-world! Kallie had just woken up from a nap and wasn't feeling too good, so she missed the first block of trick-or-treating. When we came back by the house, Paige decided to stay home, and Kallie decided she was ready to go. We went around one more block before heading back home for the night. Brandon only collected one bag of candy that this old lady insisted on giving him. She tried to hand it to him, but I told her he was too small to grab it, and I put it next to him in his stroller. I guess he looks older than he is!


Kallie didn't feel super, but you wouldn't know it from her sweet expression.

I know the pictures are bad, but I had fun dressing up as the Queen of Hearts. That costume was a beast to make!

Hard to believe that little mermaid ended up in the hospital the next morning. She had been coughing the night before, but it didn't seem very serious. During the night, she was coughing and crying for Mom, so I brought her in my room and turned on the humidifier. She kept waking up and complaining that her tummy hurt, which I think was from coughing so much, so I gave her some Tylenol. The coughing continued, though, and it caused her to throw up a couple of times. In the morning, she became extremely lethargic. I tried to get her to take fluids since she had been vomiting, but she just laid back in my arms with little response. I started crying and begging her to drink something, but she wouldn't. When I left to get Russ, I heard her tiny voice say, "Sorry, Mom."

Russ took her to urgent care where they told him she had pneumonia and that he needed to get her to the ER as soon as possible. He rushed her over there, and I met up with them later. It nearly broke my heart to come in and see her like this.

Later, she was admitted and they put her on oxygen. After sleeping much of the day, she began to perk up a little bit in the evening.

She loved pointing out her red toe to everyone and telling them that it was her blood.

The nurses loved her. She was cooperative and talkative, and when we left the next day, the nurse said she was going to miss her little chatterbox.

We're just so thankful everything turned out okay. She still has a cough because of all the congestion, but it is improving. The doctor said she is no longer contagious after her fever stops, which it did yesterday, and that she can return to school after 24 hours of no fever. So today she is resting, and tomorrow she'll be back at school collecting more germs.