Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Rambling Lady Rambles On About Rambling

People... I had to turn the A/C on in March! I felt bad when I saw the pink cheeks and glistening foreheads on my kids, and I just couldn't send them to bed in such heat. If it had been just me, I would've toughed it out. So that stinks. I was hoping for one more tiny electric bill.

This blog is because I feel like rambling. My car currently says "5 miles until empty." I have spent so much in gas over the past two weeks, it pretty much blows my mind. Luckily, tomorrow is the day I fill up. I'm thinking I need to figure out a way to drive less... I can be green and save green... or, I can save the planet and my wallet. Whatever.

HOA's can be lame. We just want to paint our house the original colors... well, good luck finding out what they are, sucker!

HOA: Here are your colors.
Me (holding them up to our house): Yeah, no.
HOA: Maybe someone repainted your house with colors that weren't approved.
Me: Have you seen the paint? Impossible.
HOA: Maybe they're just faded.
Me: Come look at these paint chips yourself. I'm not retarded! (sorry, that wasn't PC, but neither am I)
HOA: Submit colors, and we'll see.
Me: I really don't want this to take all year, you losers. Can I just match what's already there?
HOA: Well, we really need to have paint chips approved.
Me: How about I leave it the same faded, cracked, and peeled way it is now... is that better?

Okay, so I got totally stressed, I'll admit. I promised myself that I wouldn't obsess about it all day because I tend to do that... obsess over one thing and forget about everything else in the world. But, this rambling blog was just begging for me to complain.

Inner peace... (inhale)... In-in-inner peace.
(Do you people love Kung Fu Panda, too?)

I planted three plants in my front yard with NO HOA APPROVAL. Do you think they're going to come by and go, "Um, we really need you to submit a plan for this... so, can you dig those up and please return the freaky drip valves that were sticking up all over your yard for the last two years? We liked that better."

Okay, the angst is gaining too much momentum.

So, a positive note. I went to enrichment tonight, if it's still called that, and I had a super great time. Sometimes you just need to laugh with the ladies to help put your life back into balance, you know? I just can't really explain how funny it is to a perfectionist to see what sewing errors other people will just ignore. It reminded me of the the gloves... Lori, you remember the gloves! Yeah, try to sew a few gloves out of a cotton fabric like broadcloth with no pattern some time. Just trace your hand and everything will work out okay... right? Haha...

Let the good times roll...

Oh yeah, I made 64 cloud nine rolls for the enrichment dinner. They were Amazing, as usual... people were trying to snag the leftovers. Can't say I blame them! Lori, you did a great job with the butter. Sorry about the gluten. Wendy, that recipe is a sure winner every time! Wendy? Hello? Are you there?

Good night people (if anyone's listening).

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Even after a weekend of partying with our friends, I have managed to lose another pound. I even had a wavebender at Bahama Buck's (though I didn't drink the whole thing... just 80% of it), so I'm pretty amazed... but happy! Just thought I should let you know :)

I also bought a new camera. It really stinks to have to replace something you lost... it's like, I shouldn't have to spend this money, but I was careless. Grr! I wanted to get a better camera, but alas, the funds aren't there right now, so I got a tiny pocket camera. It's supposed to be pretty good for its size, though, so we'll see.

More pics soon! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Riddance

You guys are going to be so proud because I lost another pound! It came as a surprise during my routine morning weigh-in. That was after breakfast, too! Then I decided to take a look in the mirror, and I realized I could actually see a difference. My belly is really and truly shrinking little by little. It's slow, but it's progress! I can also see that my obliques in particular are firmer and more shapely. Okay, it's a long way from a tone tummy, but just the fact that I can see a difference has really motivated me again.

My only road block ahead is that the Jones are coming to visit us, and we want to take them to our favorite restaurants, of course. I guess my plan will have to be to continue doing what I've been doing... keep eating the same things, but less of them, and continue the workouts. Hope I don't put that pound back on because it was a booger to get rid of it!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog Funk

This is my third attempt at starting this blog. I don't know how to explain this to you, but I am in a blog funk, and I don't know why!

Maybe it's because I lost my camera in California. I mean, who wants to read a blog with no pictures, right? Sadly, the camera was lost before our trip to Disneyland. Russ got a few pics on his cell phone, and we got the most horrible picture of the family with Mickey Mouse. Seriously, it shouldn't be that hard for the photographer to frame the picture properly when she's taking pictures of thousands of kids per day. Then they want $15 for two 4X6 prints of a horrible, unedited photo?!?! Pshaw. That photo won't see the light of day, people.

Do I sound grumpy?

The other day, Paige wrote some interesting pieces of advice and posted them on the fridge, and I totally would have taken pictures of these little notes, except, you know... my camera is gone. Very sad. But, I can still write what they said. You'll have to imagine the cute little first grade writing. Wait, I just realized I can scan! Sometimes it takes me so long to be smart.

Wow, she is wise, right?

While I was searching through piles of papers for those, I found the picture of Kallie's preschool class, and decided I could scan that, too. This blog is getting more interesting all the time!

I just love the face on that girl in the second row with the giant flower plopped on the top of her head. Maybe she's just ticked off that she has to wear a ridiculously huge bloom on picture day.

I just tried to scan my face as an offering in lieu of a photo. This was a feat because my printer is above my monitor, so I was balancing on my chair with my left leg while I had my face smooshed on the scanner bed, and then I clicked the mouse with my right big toe. Well, it lit up like it was going to do something, so I waited in this precarious position for a while, but eventually I realized the scanning program was not responding, so I gave up. The little light on my printer is still blinking, and I have no idea what's wrong. It's probably better that way.

In other news, I have finally decided to really try to lose a little of the belly Brandon gave me when I was pregnant. I lost all my pregnancy weight, but the dough ball of a belly nonetheless remained. Grr. So, I have been cutting back on calories and working out every day, and I am very happy to report that I have lost a pound! I was so excited the day I discovered this, and it came after a night where I asked Russ to think hard and dream about what my new weight would be without this pound (so maybe "the secret" really works). Today I am feeling less motivated, but I successfully averted the food booths at the Ostrich Festival, as well as the frozen yogurt shop afterward. However, Paige won the Triple R award at school, which is given to kids who consistently demonstrate the school's values (respect, responsibility, and right to learn), and that means a giant Hershey bar is sitting on this computer desk right now. I took a tiny piece, and it just makes me want more. Ugh. Despite my tiny successes, the belly seems to be determined to stay. After a few weeks, it's enough to make me want to give up and just start eating what I like again... I mean, if it's not really going to make a difference one way or the other. But, I will force myself to keep going... I'm not a quitter, right? What I should do is take pictures because maybe then I could see a difference, even if there's still a lot of dough left. But alas, no camera. Very big problem!

So anyway people, a couple of days ago, I bought myself some new clothes. As usual, everything in the misses section is so drab, so I finally broke down and shopped in juniors. I don't want to be the old lady shopping in juniors, but I actually found some clothes I like, so I decided to buy them and wear them and just be me. Especially with this one shirt... I think the gathered top is supposed to go all the way to the bottom of the bust line, but I'm a 35-year-old nursing mother... not gonna happen! Well, I like how it looks anyway, so I wear it.

Last, but not least. All is not lost without my camera because I have a super cool sister who took some photos of Kallie at her recital. Hooray!

It was really, really cute.