Thursday, April 28, 2011


Kallie: "Mom, can we wash Rescue?"
Mom: "Why?"
Kallie: "It has stuff on it."
Mom: "What kind of stuff is it?"
Kallie: "A stuffed animal!"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mom, Why Does the Calendar Say 200?

It doesn't say 200, Paige, it says ZOO! Although Paige couldn't go because of school...

Kallie's preschool went to the zoo for a field trip, and luckily her aunts and cousins came along for the fun. The kids really enjoyed climbing on everything they could find there.

Sweet little Meems just enjoyed herself without really making a peep, and she walked very far... much farther than my four-year-old was willing to walk. Kallie was constantly trying to hitch a ride on somebody's stroller since she couldn't use mine because Brandon was in it.

This is the one and only picture I got of Savannah actually looking at the camera, so enjoy.

What cute burrowers!

I tried four times to get a shot with everyone looking at the camera. You have to be quick for Savannah. She doesn't understand the concept of looking at the camera until the picture is taken. Oh well. Lucy, on the other hand, had a different pose for each shot... I like her face in this one. I think she must get photographed a lot... she's a pro!

Lucy shared her expensive popsicle with her cousins... how sweet!

Okay, funniest moment. At the petting zoo, Lucy, Kallie, and I were all petting this rather large goat standing under one of the shade ramadas. A few moments later, we notice the goat relieving itself on the concrete... and of course, the concrete caused goat pee to splash all over the place. The girls got grossed out, and Lucy said, "I was wondering what all that wetness was!" as she wiped off her feet with her hand. Jill was just thrilled and put Lucy in the sink for a mini bath. Ew.

Now this pic is not of the goat that peed - this is before that happened. It looked like the perfect little farm girl picture to me.

So I got one of Kallie, too. This was a nice goat.

Who doesn't have at least one picture of their kids in the animal statues if they've ever been to the Phoenix Zoo? I have many because my kid decided to get on each animal and say, "Mom, take a picture!"

Brandon was his usual sweet self, just kicking back and enjoying the ride. He didn't fuss one bit.

Lori forgot her sunglasses, but that turned out to be lucky because she scored these awesome shades for $5 at the gift shop.

At the end of the day, we took a ride on the carousel. Sorry Lucy! Next time, for sure. As usual, I couldn't get a shot with Savannah actually looking at the camera. She's going to love all these pictures when she gets older.

Almost looking at the camera...

Kallie enjoying her ride on the "shark" (although I tried to tell her it was a dolphin... she wouldn't believe me).

Thanks everybody for the super fun time!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Parting Is Such Sweet... Bliss

Another pound... gone. Yes, it's a slow process... almost agonizing at times. It looks like I'm losing about one pound every ten days, but it's okay because I'm never hungry and still eating everything I like (chips, ice cream, etc.), just in slightly smaller and less frequent portions. I also have a Filiberto's 99-cent bean burrito for lunch every Wednesday, but now I cut off 1/4 of it for Kallie. At some point I'm sure I'll hit a plateau, but today's scale reading proved I haven't yet... yippee! The best part about this is that I'm no longer craving sugar so much. Sugar is addictive, you know... the more you have, the more you want. I was at the point where I felt I needed something sweet almost every day, and I always had an excuse to indulge (if you need an excuse, any excuse will do). I still have a treat every now and then, like Baskin Robbins ice cream yesterday, but it's not nearly as often... and I'm okay with that. If you are addicted to sugar, you might try doing what I did at first. If I had a craving for sweets, I would not indulge, but instead have some other snack - anything else, as long as it wasn't sugar (unless it was fruit). Chips and salsa was a good alternative for me. Anyway, after a couple of weeks, you'll find that you don't crave sugar as much. Try it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thousands of Words

In pictures!!

I bought a new camera. No, not the fancy dSLR that I wanted but didn't have the budget for right now. I exercised self-control and bought another little point-and-shoot... so little, in fact, that I think it's cute. I resisted buying the pink one, though.

Of course, I had to see what my new camera could do.

He wants the camera...

What better time than general conference for a photo shoot?

On Jill's blog, she says, "You might be a photographer if you've ever stepped out mid shower to grab your camera..." and then she says, "k, now you go." I don't claim to be a photographer, but I'll take my turn anyway.

You might be a photographer if you've ever taken your camera to the grocery store... photograph produce.

I promise, I just found these lying like this.

I shall not bore you with all of them. Just know there were more. Upon seeing these photos, Russ' comment was, "I am so glad I didn't go with you."

Sunday, we had lunch at my mom's, watched conference, and enjoyed the most beautiful afternoon. I saw the snow at temple square and thought... well, I just thought I was glad not to be there in the snow. I enjoyed it quite enough through the television.

This girl has natural beauty. It's easy to get a good shot of her.

And now for a lovely finale.