Thursday, October 27, 2011

CA Adventure

October is almost over, and I'm just barely writing about fall break... aye, aye, aye!

We went to San Diego to visit family and have some fun. We had a small budget, so we tried to do a lot of free or low cost things, and our first stop was the Mormon Battalion museum. If you haven't been recently, you should go again - it is so cool now!

We got to dress up as members of the Mormon Battalion...

Ride stick ponies...

Pan for gold...

Try old time equipment...

And even get a souvenir photo!

All for free! We really liked it.

It was cold and windy that day, and I only brought coats for the kids. What was I thinking? Of course, it was over 100 when we left Phoenix. Russ, his brother, his dad, and Paige went disc golfing later that afternoon... in the rain.

The next day cleared up nice, so we went to the zoo. This was our one splurge since kids get in free during October (it was still $70!). The mama and baby hippos seemed to be posing to charm the crowd.

Paige in the arctic den play area.

Kallie was pretending to be some kind of beast... I think a lion.

Brandon's really enjoying the giraffe, right?

The kids always seem to want their picture taken on a statue.

The next day, we decided to go to Mission Bay.

We planned to fly a kite, but there were no kites to be found except at the dollar store! With pretty significant winds out at Mission Bay, you can imagine how that turned out, right? Let's find out... here is a picture of Paige's first flight.

Russ tried. He really did. He used every engineering skill he had to try to make that thing fly.

I mean he really, really tried.

Ready? Set?

Lift off! Sort of...

But it was mostly a bummer.

That didn't stop Paige from having fun. She was running all around saying, "Woohoo!"

Kallie seemed disappointed at first, but she eventually cheered up and had some fun.

As for me, I laughed so hard that I cried. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. There was makeup all over my face!

After some serious doctoring, Russ actually got that thing to fly a little.

Paige was pleased... but that kite wasn't pretty.

Russ was so proud of himself, he actually let loose and acted like a kid.

After that fun time, we made a stop at the beach.

Kallie started out happy.

The girls loved waiting for the waves to come in.

Paige would stand and let her feet get buried in the sand while Kallie would run away.

But eventually the waves won, and Kallie fell down and got wet. She was sad.

The next day, we drove up to Bates Nut Farm for a fun time with Russ' brother and his family. We were the cheap parents who had their kids pick up the feed that other kids had dropped on the ground. The kids loved it.

Those animals ate anything the kids gave them, too. Who needs to buy feed, right?


I gave the kids a budget for rides, treats, etc., but all they wanted was to have their faces painted.

They both got unicorns.

Oh yeah, they wanted some cotton candy, too.

On our way back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, we drove through Julian and stopped at Mom's pies for some apple pie. Yum! You know Julian is famous for apples, right?

The downtown area was totally packed, so instead of hunting for a parking spot, we went to the local park, and we had it all to ourselves!

Here I am with the girls getting ready for a "train" ride down the curly slide.

And that was it. Looking through my pictures, I realize we did more than I thought! The weather was nice, except for a little rain, and it was great to visit with our family.