Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Wrap Up

I don't want to end December with just one measly post, so here I am wrapping it up!

Kallie's preschool class had a Christmas performance. Kallie is on the very far left.

They sang a snowman song, Jingle Bells, and The Reindeer Pokey.

Kallie is a good mom to her baby, "Rainbow," and wanted to make sure she was buckled in.

I have been wanting to display my kids' artwork in the hallway by our garage, but have never thought of a good way to do it. I finally came up with the idea of a memo board, and since it was so close to Christmas, I decided to make some for my mom and sisters. Mine will have to wait a little longer...

Here is Jill's...


And my mom's... aren't they so cute?

We had another merry Christmas Eve party at my mom's house, and I make it my policy not to carry my camera everywhere (because I tend to go overboard on pics when I do), so I have no pictures from that. It was a jolly good time, though! I got plush snowballs from the white elephant gift exchange, and my kids just love to use them for snowball fights. What fun!

On to Christmas morning, we woke up and checked out what Santa brought, but we waited until after church to open our gifts. I had to play the primary song in sacrament meeting that morning, which was totally nerve wracking to me, so I enjoyed Christmas much better once that was over!!

(Just wanted to explain why Russ might be in a suit... no, we don't generally get dressed up before opening gifts on Christmas...)

Will found this ornament with Kyle's picture on it in his stocking - how'd that get there?!? Santa had a little too much eggnog, I guess...

Paige got... a box!! The kids aren't impressed by that joke at all, but Russ and I can't seem to get enough of it.

This was the first year Brandon could actually help open gifts. The tearing of the paper was the best part for him.

Russ, if you're going to pull a goofy face, then be prepared for it to be published! :) Oh, the joy!

Kallie said she was wishing for a Rapunzel dress, and Santa delivered! She had been wearing that yarn on her head the day before as her Rapunzel hair, so she put it back on along with her new dress just as soon as she opened it.

Thanks, Paige, for making sure there was a picture of me. I was there! And I had makeup on - going to church first may have been a great idea after all.

Gee, I didn't know bedding could be so exciting. He got bedding when he was eight, too, and didn't have near that same reaction...

Action-packed unwrapping frenzy!

Hmm... I wonder what that could be!

Christmas night, we had another gathering at my mom's house with gifts galore! Mom, have you dug yourself out of that mess yet? Jill and I took a bunch of kids out on a surrey ride to see Christmas lights. It was hard work because all the kids were mostly dead weight, but we needed to work off the pie somehow. This one street in my parents' neighborhood is all decked out, and it was like a tourist attraction. We got in the line of cars and sang Christmas carols as loud as we could. The surrey was all lit up with Christmas lights and adorned with a wreath in the back, so we were kinda like one of the attractions. It was tons of fun!

And now, I have finally dug out of the Christmas chaos and am ready to ring in the new year. I even have some new purple and blue sparkly nailpolish to wear! (Thanks, Lolo)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet P

Sometimes I get just a little annoyed when parents rave about how wonderful their children are, so be prepared to be a little annoyed if you are anything like me.

First of all, last week was Paige's dance recital.

Go Paigey!

Then Saturday was her baptism day. She was so excited for this day to come and kept talking about how it would make her all clean. When she went to meet with the bishop beforehand, Kallie was worried about being left behind and said, "I want to see what it is like to get baptized!" We reassured her that she wouldn't miss the baptism.

I made the dress, and it really wasn't that stressful (seam ripping and all). This was my first time sewing on a sheer fabric, and I thought it came out wonderfully. Awesome, another sewing skill under my belt.

Paige endured some burns on her ears to make this beautiful hairdo possible. She looked like an angel to me.

When we went into the dressing room to change her into her baptismal suit, I was all teary eyed remembering when I was in her position and my mom was in mine. I can't explain how privileged I felt to be the mother of such a sweet child.

We gave her scriptures for her baptism, and she insisted on reading passages about baptism with the family later that day. She took them in the car everywhere we went, and started highlighting passages.

Sunday night, I discovered her scriptures, the primary song book and hymn book opened to Christmas songs, and a manger scene set up in my office.

Later I found the program that listed who would play Mary and Joseph, who would be singing which songs, and who would be reading scripture passages. She had planned a whole Christmas program for the family to participate in when her cousins came over for dinner that evening. Apparently, nobody wanted to, but I think it's so sweet that she planned it out like that.

After all the festivities, she was helping clean up and she said, "Mom, do you know why I'm helping clean?" When I asked why, she said, "Because baptism changed my life."

Can a parent ask for anything more?