Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Memo Boards

My neighbor and I spent the last few weeks making memo boards. I wanted a place where I could hang up the many pictures and pieces of art that usually adorn our refrigerator. Plus, the big empty hallway by our garage needed something interesting, and I thought it would be the perfect place for this stuff.

But I didn't want the same ol' colors you find everywhere in my house, so I went with something "funky fresh."

This is the smallest board at 16X20. The flower buttons were so fun to do with the ruffly ribbon on this board.

This is the biggest board at 22X28. I wanted to use the wide ribbon, but it was out of stock, so I ended up doing the skinny ribbon, and I like it!

This is the middle sized board at 18X24. I really loved the contrast of the black buttons and white thread on this one.

At first I thought I'd hang all three boards on the biggest wall...

But then I realized the doorknob might hit the lowest board, so I put the last board on the other wall. I don't know about the arrangement... what do you think?

Yeah, I know I need to take those 80's posters down. They've been up for a month now!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nothing Plus Nothing Is Nothing

Just like Lori's broccoli post, the 40th birthday party post was getting old and moldy. Thing is, not much has been happening. But I do have a few pictures, so I guess I'll share.

When Ian and Katie came out for the party, we got to meet Mason (Jarston, as I affectionately call him) for the first time.

Ian and Patrick enjoyed the trampoline.

Later in January, we went to the math and science night at the school, and Paige showed us her class' science project that tested different liquids for watering a bean plant.

This picture outside of the school didn't turn out, but I thought it was kind of artistic in a way. So I am posting it because it fits with my subject - nothing :)

I thought it was so cute how Brandon stuck his olives on his fingers. I know you're probably thinking, "Every kid who has ever lived has done that," but this was MY child, so it was cute.

And since I missed getting a picture of him in his costume at his birthday party, I had a little photo shoot later. Does it look like Elliot and ET are riding on his hat?

In more irritating news, Kallie for some reason decided to write on all sorts of things she wasn't supposed to. I cleaned the masterpieces off my leather couch and Paige's sheets before taking these pictures, so you're not seeing the whole collection. Suffice it to say she has lost all her writing utensil privileges and all her toys for now... we'll see if she ever gets them back. Hmph!

I know they're kinda cute in a way, but don't encourage her!

And finally, my neighbor and I have been busy working on coordinating sets of French memo boards for our houses. We have spent several days in a row on these, and today I finally thought to take a picture to chronicle our progress. Never mind the pile of trash in the pantry.

Mine are all done and looking cute! I will take a picture of them soon.

Happy February!