Friday, March 9, 2012

Winter Days

Clues: Kids, Sunlight

Answer: Things that make me happy.

Brandon spent a couple of hours one day playing with a laundry basket.

This is what happens when Russ is away from his desk. I LOVE the expression on his face in this first picture... too funny!

I have some videos, too, but I'm too lazy to edit and post them... so, here are the synopses.

Video #1: Brandon playing with a zhu zhu pet - it's funny to see him squeal with delight when the little hamster starts zooming around the floor.

Video #2: Paige and Kallie put on a puppet show. Hilarious!

Next comes spring break, and time for some adventures. See you on the flip side!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do I Offend Thee?

This may seem hypocritical, but I am sick and tired of people being offended all the time! It seems every time I read the latest news story, someone is getting fried for saying or doing something that offended someone else. Next thing you know, people who only hear the story are now offended, too, and everybody's in an uproar. First of all, I hardly think someone being offended is worthy of national news. I mean, aren't there more pressing issues in this country?

Really, people. I think it all started with the politically correct movement of the nineties, which we have all made fun of because deep down we know it's silly. There may have been good intentions at the roots, but it's gotten so over-the-top that now people feel offended when they weren't before because, hey, they're supposed to be offended, right?

I could live out the rest of my life and be happy without hearing another scripted apology from someone who's not really sorry but was forced to cave to public pressure. Does this satisfy anyone? And why should an offensive statement automatically make someone lose their job? Does that make anybody feel justice has been served to know that someone lost their livelihood over it?

It's like people can't just forgive or try to make honest amends. The only thing good enough is something so big that it will scare other people into keeping their mouths shut. Heaven forbid someone speak their mind or express an unpopular opinion without fear.

It's just wrong. If you have ever been a little worried about saying, "Merry Christmas" to a stranger, then you are a victim, too. If you can't say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, then you have been affected. Sometimes I wonder why people don't have anything better to do than be offended.

Well, here's some news! I'm offended by everyone being offended, so I'm waiting for a great big apology!