Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brandon's Birthday

For Brandon's birthday, we had my friend's famous Dakota nachos... they're basically nachos with sloppy joe meat instead of taco meat... except I made a deluxe version with lettuce and tomato (so we could feel like it was healthier than it really was).

I usually make my own cakes, and this cake from Bashas' convinced me once and for all that store made cakes are NOT worth the convenience. Mmm... propylene glycol. That was one of the ingredients, and my dad said it is antifreeze... I looked it up on wikipedia, and it's true! It's used for a variety of antifreeze applications, including de-icing aircraft and winterizing drinking water systems. It is also used in pharmaceuticals, fragrances, antibacterial lotions, deodorant, tattoo ink, hydraulic presses, air conditioning compressors, paintballs, etc. All I know is, my recipe does NOT call for propylene glycol.

Hopefully Brando won't remember the pitiful cake.
Kids love it when it's time for presents! (But what is Ben doing to Josh in the background??!?!)

I think this dump truck is bigger than Brandon!

He loved Chuck the Truck.

Glad everybody had a good time! Thanks for the cool gifts!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Is in the Air

I guess love is in the air because we got invited to two weddings the same weekend in California, and I'll take any excuse I can get to visit my west coast peeps!!

I love it when we're on the road, and I look back and see this...
Friday morning, we attended my cousin's wedding in the San Diego temple and then went to the reception that night. It was nice to see cousins I rarely get to see, and it was so fun to boogie to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" with all the ladies, including my 86-year-old grandma! I guess our camera person was off duty or something because I only got one picture, and it was of my youngest cousin eating the goods from the chocolate fountain. That chocolate in his hand would soon become chocolate on his shirt...
The next day was the wedding of an old friend who was in our ward when we lived in California. I thought it was really considerate of him to get married on the same weekend as my cousin, but not on the same day... thanks for working around our schedule, Andrew! I like to give him credit even though it was a fluke... maybe because I like to think we're that important.

The wedding in the temple was peaceful, beautiful, and supernal (I never use this word, btw... I got it from the general authorities at conference), but I have to say that the wedding on the beach was pretty close to heaven, too. It made me want to renew vows in Hawaii ASAP.

Beauties by the sea...
Brandon enjoying some water from the "roach coach" that catered the wedding (I wouldn't have called it that, but Russ did, and I do whatever Russ does... yes, even if he jumps off a bridge... haha).
Kallie loved scaring the birds away.
I don't know if Paige was practicing her karate kid moves or what...
Lovely setting for roach coach fare, don't you think?
Finger lickin' good... I told Paige I'd post this picture and that people would think she's sucking her thumb.
Maybe it's because he's small and wouldn't suspect anything, but the critters decided to hatch a plan to get Brandon's chips.
At first just a few ganged up on him.
Then they sent for reinforcements. That seagull has got his eye on that bag!
Pretty soon they resorted to crawling up his legs, especially when he had a chip in his hand, right where they could almost taste it. This scene might work for Snow White, but he did not like it one bit.
Finally, he threw in the towel and dumped out the whole bag for them. Bird Thanksgiving!!
We eventually got our food. Chow time!
That night, we went to Ian & Katie's to swim and hang out.
But definitely NOT to eat more cake.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hooray for Pizza Day!!

Friday before last, we doubled with Ben & Annalee for a date to see Gogo13, My Superhero, and AQUABATS! in concert. I always get so excited and kid-like before an Aquabats show... Ben and Annalee can vouch for that :) Why are Aquabats so awesome? They always play small venues, their songs are super fun and give the audience tons of energy, and their shows are clean (most of the band members are LDS). What could be better? The fact that they are superheroes who fight their nemeses on stage? YEAH! Only, they didn't do that this time... don't know why.

First, we headed to Denny's for some sugar to give us energy. SWEEEET!

We chowed on nachos, too, but really we should have had pizza because everybody knows Friday is pizza day! :) Well, Aquabats fans do.

I really wanted a shirt, but alas, all the good colors were out of stock in my size. Hey Aquabats... bring more shirts next time!!

Just so you know, there are always people who are going to be crazier than you... there was also a hotdog in the crowd, and lots of people dressed up like Aquabats and other superheroes.

After standing for a long time, Ben thought he would sit down and have a nice, peaceful rest for a moment. Oh no, no, no... can't have that! I sat down by him and tried to get him to start playing the elementary school clapping game where you say, "Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky, where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky..." and before you know it, these three kids join in and we're having an instant party!

The picture of fun times. Even though you didn't get crazy and jump around, I still had fun with you, Annalee!!