Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Women's Retreat in the Pines

Last weekend, some women in our ward went up to a cabin near Show Low for a relaxing retreat. So fun! Lots of girl talk, peaceful moments (without kids), and delicious food... what could be better?
We raced down the driveway in these little rolling carts and only ended up with one injury. I had no idea these Relief Society sisters could be so competitive :)
Thanks everybody for a memorable weekend!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Little Messer Rides Again

Do I really need any commentary?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Swimming Fun

Kallie was invited to swim with our neighbors. She has really taken to swimming this year, but she is still afraid to swim across any deep parts without mom there because she says she can't take a breath. I'm sure she will learn the breathing soon, too.

Cute little chocolate spot on her nose from Paige's very melted chocolate igneous rock science project.
When she's at swim lessons, she loves to do bobs while waiting her turn with the teacher... big difference from last year, and I can even get her eyes wet during her bath without her freaking out. Nice!
The three kids having fun.
Thanks for inviting us, guys!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hot Day at Saguaro Lake

Russ is teaching Brandon early to love boating!
First thing we did, and first thing we usually do, was pull into a beach so we could cool off in the water and get the tube pumped up. There was a lot of "seaweed," so we coasted most of the way in to shore. I don't like the feeling of plants all around my legs, so it was sorta like fear factor! I'm worse than the kids!
Thanks Hunsakers for bringing all the awesome toys!
Seems like everybody had a turn being the flag person.
I see the satisfaction on his face when he drives his boat.
I went on the tube first, but since I'm the designated photographer, there are no pictures... for your mind's eye, I was screaming most of the time and cursing Russ and saying he'd be sleeping alone that night! Everybody said I had a big grin on my face the whole time, so I must've been having fun. I was... it was scary, but scary is fun, right? Right?

Next up was Paige and Kallie. I had to fork over a dollar to each of them to get them to go on it... they wanted the slow kiddie ride.
It's kinda boring, of course.
Watching everybody else made Brando say, "My turn!"
Ready, set...
I thought it was funny how he sucked his fingers most of the way, but Russ pulled those fingers loose for a second so they could wave.
Thanks, Annalee, for proving I was there!
Nice hair! (This refers to the picture below, NOT the one above!!)
Next was Josh and Ben... this is the last you will see of Ben's sunglasses ("Oh, I'm not worried about losing them." Famous last words!).
Next we stopped to have a swim around the boat. This was the favorite activity for the kids.
The water was choppy that day, so Russ decided to ski instead of wakeboard. Almost all of these pictures were blurry, but I had to show this one with Four Peaks in the background. Those peaks have been calling my name for so long now...
Sweet rooster tails!
About to biff it...
Cute kids.
Our lovely flag lady.
I caught Brandon completely fascinated by the ties on the wakeboard boot. Hmmm...
I accidentally named this picture fumpin instead of jumpin... haha. Paige was such a nice friend to pull Kylee in!
Getting back in the boat.
Can't get enough swimming! It was a hot day, too, so it was nice to get in. The water was absolutely perfect (if you don't count the seaweed by the beach).
Gorgeous girls!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Johnston Life and Times

Sometimes my pictures are so random, I don't really know what to call my posts. For example, here is tortilla face.
One day after school, our neighbor came over to play, and the girls had fun twisting Brandon up in the swing.
I'm not sure whether Brandon is liking it...
The kindergarteners have been doing color days at school, and each day they have a snack that is the color of the day. I volunteered to bring a snack one day, and what color do I get assigned? Blue! And, by the way, one of the kids in the class is deathly allergic to blueberries... well, isn't that just perfect? Some kid is allergic to the only blue food in the world! The only thing I could think of was candy, but even that is hard to find... so, it was off to Sweeties. This was my first time to go there, and it was splendid! Aisle after aisle of sugary goodness... a kid's dream... it's like the Costco of candy!

And Kallie quite enjoyed her Kit Kat Arizona style (all melted before we even opened it)...
This whole candy excursion was going on while we were on our way to the Arizona Rattlers arena football game. During the game, they threw shirts into the stands, and Russ describes his experience like this, "I saw a shirt coming straight for me, and then a giant hand reached over and snatched it right out of the air!" It was William's... so he got a free shirt! Which was pretty cool considering we got the tickets for the game using our Pogo passes, so they were nearly free.
It was a semifinal game against the Utah Blaze, and Arizona came from behind to win it in the last few seconds of the game... go Rattlers! It was a long night for Brandon, but he was a good boy...
Yesterday, we went out to dinner with some friends, and this is what happened while we were waiting for a table and not really paying attention to the kids...
They were up there ordering drinks!
The kids had a ton of fun making their "pizzas" together.
Besides all these things, we've been watching the Olympics... huge couch potatoes for a couple of weeks! We also went to the lake with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and hope to go again soon since that trip got cut short by a storm that rolled in while we were on the lake. Brandon and I have been going to the last couple of Harkin's summer movie fun showings with our neighbor since she had extra tickets after school started.

The kids are liking their teachers this year, and Brandon is happy when our next door neighbor can come over for play dates when the other kids are in school. William is trying out for the swim team and taking tennis lessons. Kyle is in CATS again, and... well, that's it for Kyle.

All in all, life is good, and we are having fun and surviving the heat!