Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Neon Splash Dash!

Every so often, a post comes along that is so cool, you have to change your blog layout to match the pictures!

Last Saturday, we got some friends together to do the Neon Splash Dash 5k at Firebird Raceway. Before the big event, we all went out to get matching neon socks, neon nailpolish, and glow sticks. We were all decked out!

Here we are before the race. Notice the nice and clean white shirts.
Our teammates waiting for the race to begin.
Half way through, we stopped to take some pictures under the black light.
Here we are partying at the finish line!
Most of the team after the race... those white shirts will never be the same again! You can see that the pink glow station went crazy on us!
The ladies having fun at the after party.
The team under the black light.
Our cool matching neon socks!!
These three ran the whole way!!
I visited a couple of the glow stations more than once, obviously.
The pattern on Russ' face was somewhat disturbing.
Adam really got into the spirit by painting his nails, too!
I have to tell you, I had so much fun that night.
Thanks everybody who came with us and made it a party!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Goings On

I have to admit October is my very favorite month of the year, and as usual it has just flown by! But it's not over yet, so I had better hurry up and post some pictures about what we've been up to before I get hopelessly behind.

I have a really important question first... why is the beginning of October still so hot??!? And my second question is... why does my neighbor, Lisa, always want to go to the zoo on the hottest day of the season? And why do we always agree to this? :)

I feel like I must have dozens of pictures of the kids on these tractors at the zoo, but here's another for posterity.
After Lisa (the pregnant woman) ditched us half way through our zoo visit on the hottest day of the season, the super tough Johnstons trudged their way around the loop that goes by the lions and tigers. Luckily, we spotted a photobooth and got to have a (kind of sweaty) photo shoot!
Do they look like they're having fun?
The following Saturday, we watched conference all day and then joined the men of the family for dessert at Denny's after the priesthood session. When we got home, there was water dripping from the top of the water heater. Bummer. Russ refused to follow all the safety precautions I found on the internet before emptying the water heater, so I took this before picture just in case there was a catastrophe for me to document. Luckily for him, everything was fine... except for the fact that the next day was Sunday and Lowe's was already closed. I figured if Eric Liddel can forgo an Olympic race for the Sabbath, I could live without hot water for a day. See, I was listening to conference! By Monday night, Russ had it all taken care of.
The kids are still having fun with that water heater box!
Sunday, we went to the neighbor kid's birthday party between sessions of conference, and the girls held several creatures including a tarantula! They must not be related to me.

Fast forward.

Last week, we made an impromptu trip to Vertuccio Farms. Annalee will love this part!! I figured if we didn't do it that night, we wouldn't do it at all because of how much stuff is going on this month. First, we hit the air pillow, which was like this giant bouncy bubble of air... what kid wouldn't love that?
Then the girls milked the faux cow. How fancy of me to use that word.
Ready to start the corn maze. Luckily, Paige gave us the great idea to take a picture of the maze map before going in so that we could find our way out if we got lost. That came in quite handy! They had this "Clue" type game that we were supposed to solve by finding stations inside the maze, but we only ever saw ONE station. So much for that... oh well, at least we had fun!
The requisite photo ops.