Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve at the Park

What do you do when the world hands you a slightly chilly, but otherwise gorgeous Christmas Eve? Go to the park! (Read: avoid the mall at all costs!)
This park happened to have large play structure made from artificial boulders, which was fun for the kids to climb, but kind of nerve wracking for me. Yes, that's my two-year-old experimenting with heights.
I wonder what they are staring at so intently.
Love this picture.
Paige helped look after Brandon, but it was still scary.
I climbed up with them at first and found the rocks were a nice and warm contrast to the chilly air. I could have sprawled out and been in heaven.
With everyone safely on the ground, we visited the next hazard... the lake!
Kallie was trying to attract the ducks with the long grass. Didn't work.
Until a nice kid offered the rest of his bag of popcorn to her... duck mania!
And then a dog came by, and that was the end of the feeding frenzy. She couldn't get them to come back, no matter how much food she threw in.
Paige used leaves to try to make the popcorn go toward the ducks, but it was a lost cause.
Kallie told me she was gathering leaves to remind her of fall. Indeed, fall is quite a short season in Chandler... not sure we even had fall this year.
But we are having a divine winter.

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Looks fun Stacey