Saturday, January 26, 2013

Slimming Down

No, not my waistline. I so wish! Between Russ' birthday, my cousin's bridal shower, and a birthday party today, this week has not gone well for my diet... my imaginary diet... the one I imagine I'm on to make myself feel better.

But... I did do my workouts and morning walks this week, so yahoo for little victories!

That's not even what this post is about. You see, we spent a lot during the fall... so much, in fact, that we couldn't quite keep up. It was fun while it lasted, but we eventually decided it was time to get real. So, for the last month we've been on a spending diet. It's about as much fun as a food diet, just so you know. Today is the day we caught up, so we're finally off the diet... phew! (And burp, cuz we went out to eat... oh my gosh, that was so rude. Excuse me!)

A spending diet is where you try to stay busy at home so that you don't get bored and start feeling the need to go somewhere. This saves you gas, money, and calories. All good things!

Happy news:
*My bathroom is so clean, you could eat off the... no, I don't think it could ever be that clean. But it was clean... I even organized, threw stuff away, and wiped out cupboards, drawers, etc. I spent FOUR HOURS in there!
*The floor under my oven and refrigerator are clean... I even used a razor blade to scrape off some of the grime under the stove... that was my level of dedication!
*My high traffic areas are steam cleaned and deodorized. You know I laid down face first in my carpet after that and took a nice deep breath... mmm.

Sadly, I also made a mental list of all the new things we could use in our bathroom and kitchen. Luckily, I already forgot most of my list.

So what do you do when you get off a diet? You binge! The first thing I did was fill my car with gas. The needle was on F, people! I felt like a celebrity.

Then I got some deals:
*Hello Kitty wrapping paper at Walmart was marked $3.97 but rang up at 49 cents! Hello (kitty)! I went back for two more rolls.
*I went to Payless and found a pair of sandals for Kallie and a pair of flip-flops for Brandon that together totaled $5.97 because they were on clearance, and it was buy one, get one 50% off. Plus, my credit card had a deal where it will give me $5 back for any purchase at Payless, so after the statement credit, that will be less than a dollar!

This is the excitement in my life this month! Who wants to party with me? But I'm really proud of myself and my family for sticking with it and meeting our budget goals. We are still under budget for this pay period, and that's after my binge... some binge, right?

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The Teeples Times said...

VERY impressive!! Want to come do a budget for us?