Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Play

I always say August is the most uneventful month of the year, and this year was no different: hot and boring. Thankfully, the kids have been surviving the boredom with school and a smattering of play dates. Brandon has been having a weekly play date with his best friend. It seems weird for a three-year-old to have a best friend, but these two have made a toddler connection.

Last Saturday we tried to go to the lake with cousin Josie along, but the OTHER tire on our trailer started wobbling badly, so we aborted and went for a swim at my mom's house instead (I told you about the blowout Russ had while he was on his way to a guy's morning at the lake, right? Those tires should last longer than three years!! Annoying).

This has not been a good month for me. My dinosaur of a computer (2006) finally croaked for good, and I have been in Quicken withdrawals ever since. We needed a new computer, but how could I know if we could afford it without Quicken? So we finally bought one last night from Costco, but then we discovered that we couldn't find our copy of Quicken 2010, and I can't open my file in Quicken 2007!! Boohoo.

We hoped to go to Kentucky for a Johnston cemetery dedication, but I could never seem to finish my purchase of the plane tickets and hotel before the prices went up. This is a long, frustrating story that you don't have time for. So, we're hoping to have a weekend honeymoon in San Diego for our anniversary instead while our kids stay with Russ' parents. I think it could become a tradition!

Will's senior portraits are tomorrow. I couldn't find the suit we wanted in his size, so I got a different color and ordered the one we wanted in the hope that it would arrive in time. Well, wouldn't you know it? FedEx's estimated delivery date was missed, and I am afraid it probably won't arrive before our appointment tomorrow. The really bad news is that I already returned the other suit because I felt sure FedEx is pretty much always on time. Yeah, pretty much. This does not even include the multitude of malls I shopped to try to find the perfect clothing for his casual portrait. It seems all guys have to choose from is polos, button-up shirts, and t-shirts (I don't count tank tops as clothing). It must be easy to be a guy. However, finding one that looks cool and has a decent solid shade for portraits is almost impossible! I'm sure I just overthought it because I didn't have Will there to help me figure out what he would like that would look good on him. I ended up with five different shirts in the hope that one is a winner.

And then there's the tire...

To tell the truth, I've had some feelings about forgiveness and about grandpas that I thought would be nice to share, but I never got around to it. I had been praying to find ways to bring the spirit into our home more, and one thought that came to mind that I felt was an answer to my prayers was to eliminate all screen time before church (computer, tv, ipods, etc.)... and so it was that I had some pretty strong feelings about forgiveness while making bread before church on Sunday. Of course, I couldn't type it up at that moment because I'd have to use a screen... and well, I guess the feelings kinda faded after that. I already have an exception to the rule that allows people to work on talks or lessons before church because I feel those activities contribute to the spirituality in my home - not sure if blogging about my spiritual experiences counts. I guess I feel safer sticking to my rule of thumb than making exceptions.

Anyway, I'm proud of myself for ending my rant about the annoying month of August with a nice story like that. Hopefully it won't be another month before I have something interesting to talk about!