Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gone Country

Yeah Mel, I stole your title. I'm just practicing for the day I visit you in Wyoming.

We all were... starting with the tractor.

Kyle got to be Grandpa's farmhand for the day. Don't you just want to shout, "Run Forrest!"? Me, too. (I must confess, I do not know how to punctuate that particular sentence... the shame!)

When the girls got back, they were ready for a snack. Finding a snack in Grandma and Grandpa's farm pantry is far more fun than finding one at home... as long as you make sure to check the expiration dates. Just sayin'.

Brandon was asleep during the first tractor ride, but he got some practice on the little tractor... he just needs a cowboy hat and a bale of hay in his trailer!

Soon he graduated to the big tractor... apparently he's big enough to drive it already. Memories! My dad used to let me sit in his lap and drive his van and my mom's Trans Am all the time! Thinking back, it's somewhat appalling... those were the days. His van only ever had two seat belts... usually all the kids were riding loose in the back because there were no seats at all. One time we drove on the highway with the big sliding door open for fresh air (yes, while we were riding loose in the back), and the car behind us was honking trying to let us know our door was open... as if we didn't notice. I didn't realize the danger back then, and it's kind of funny because my dad was so dead set against street motorcycles because of the danger... I'm just glad we all made it to adulthood! But I digress...

Speaking of those days, I used to have that Asteroids game in my bedroom when I was growing up. Just to be clear, I grew up on Nintendo, so it was somewhat of a relic even then...

There are so many fun things to ride on at the farm.

The main event of the day was walking over to see my mom and dad's new horse, Scout!

He's a big, gentle horse.

My dad and his farm. My dad's a farmer... that is so funny to say! You know, he programmed computers to make a living most of his life. Guess he finally just had to escape his chair and the four walls boxing him in. He worked long, long hours, especially when I was a teenager... he even rented his own apartment once so he could work day in and day out without any interruption, except to sleep in his sleeping bag. He's finally free!

My lil cowboy.

My dad always has gadgets and gizmos for everything... his grain dryer made a great patio heater and marshmallow roaster... as long as you didn't get your marshmallow too close.

Fastest roasting ever... mine was done in less than 10 seconds.

Uncle Jeremy's got a few tricks up his sleeve, too... ring pops for everyone! I like how her mouth matches her eyes.

And even though I missed my chance to get any pictures of it, I can't forget to mention the yummy chalupa dinner that my sister brought for everyone. Oh, and my mom's puzzle that she let me work on. It really was a perfect day at the farm, and it felt so good to have the family be "unplugged" for a while. Thanks everyone! Now back to being bored for a few more days...

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KTE Johnston said...

One day I hope to go to the farm. Where I can be free!