Saturday, April 26, 2014

Spooky Night on the Farm

There's nothing quite like a sleepover with your sister to make you feel like a kid again. You see, all our kids, except the baby, were in one side of the farm building with my parents, while my sister and I slept on the other... haunted side. We were just staying up late chatting when suddenly we heard footsteps coming up the stairs. "Oh no, whose kid is in trouble?" we wondered. "Let's just pretend we're already asleep!" But then... silence. Nobody was there... or were they? We braved the dark room next door and opened the door to peer into the stairwell. "Hello?" my sister called. Nothing. Just an eerie green glow from the John Deere clock and the motionless collection of farm equipment. I've seen enough horror movies to know you just don't go into any room that might contain a chainsaw, crowbar, or any other sharp metal implement... no, at night on a farm out in the middle of a small town when all you've got is your timid sister for protection, you just stay put. We locked the door and vowed to hold our pee until morning. The bathroom was downstairs past the big tractors. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen.

But I'm happy to tell you we survived the night. My mom came in the morning and tried to bust through the door only to realize it was locked. "You guys scared?" Hahaha! Um... no... we just... uh... it's a habit. So just be warned if you visit my parents' farm... it's haunted.

It's still fun, though, and kinda quaint. There is nothing not cute about looking out the window and seeing Grandpa coming around the corner in his little tractor hauling all the grandkids in a trailer.

Baby Gems got plenty of attention.

"Little" Brandon looks like a giant in comparison.

Boy was I glad to see the sun after that harrowing night and the accompanying restless dreams. Even more glad to step out on the landing and smell the bacon Gramps had sizzling on the griddle. Yummy farm breakfast!

The kids spent most of their time exploring the field. They had flashlights out there at night and went as far as they could before someone got spooked and headed back. I don't blame them! In the morning, they were delighted to find scores of ladybugs crawling about the plants.

Soon it was time for dying Easter eggs.

We're always a little on edge while the kids are handling the fragile eggs, and wince a little whenever we hear the dreaded thump and crack.

Kallie lost patience with the fancy egg dippers that I fashioned out of wire and just went for it. Then she squeezed the cup so that it was caved in, and when I went to pop it back into shape, this happened...

The best of the bunch!

Luckily, there was a little more time to play before we went home. The kids collected a bunch of small unripe fruit from the trees. The peaches were okay, and even better after sitting a few days, but the apples tasted bitter like weeds. For them, the fun was in the picking.

It makes my heart smile to see the kids being kids on the farm. No video games, no ipods, no electronics at all... just cousins, flashlights, and good old-fashioned exploration. The farm is a good place... when it's not scary.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweet Girls Night

When the boys are away, the girls come out to play!

Can't have too many sprinkles, right?

Sugar coma...

Time to lick the plate clean.

And the hands.

Don't think about the germs...

The time has come when my daughter's cookies look better than mine... okay, it wasn't that hard.

The girls wanted to sleep in the tent like they usually do, but Russ took the smaller tent this time. They were satisfied with stealing his spot in my bed.