Saturday, February 28, 2015

Snow Day!

The beginning of February was unusually HOT, so I got a little worried when I realized we hadn't driven up to Flagstaff for our annual snow day yet. The last rain had been two weeks before, and I really thought I probably blew it for the kids. I'm never one to let that sort of thing get me down, though, so we just packed up the car and went to see if there was anything left.

The fields that are normally blanketed in white were completely brown. Not one single patch of snow could be seen on the drive up. I was trying to prepare the kids for the worst, as we headed toward a trail near the ski resort, thinking it would be our best chance of finding the white stuff.


Kyle found a log to use as a bat while Russ pitched snowballs. Home run!

Dad loves a good snowball fight.

And Kallie loves to sample the snow.

Throwin' the snow again. I love Kyle's reaction to the snowball blur heading straight for him!

By the way, I was practicing shooting all on manual mode, so I took lots of pictures, and I didn't really play in the snow at all. I felt bad about that and getting on Kyle's case for throwing snow at me while I was holding my camera, but I am happy with how the pictures turned out. Three cute kids.

The four inch "Chinese" snowman.

Snow angel.

Russ agreed to help Paige build a bigger snowman. The snow was not the best, so the snowman didn't get very tall.

She didn't give up on it, though.

Father and son. Love it.

Poor Brandon had a big blue slushy, and he ended up getting sick and barfing it out on the snow. All I can say is... don't eat blue snow. It kind of bummed him out. Later, Russ had his gloves and his fingers were cold, so I suggested he put them in his pockets. Bad idea. Not a minute later, he biffed it and did a face plant. Worst of luck for the little guy!

I begged and begged for this fake, cheesy grin. It was better than all the sad faces... in fact, it's kinda funny. I was practicing taking pictures in different lighting conditions. I call this "Sunshine Kids."

Kallie is probably my biggest collector. She finds beauty in the simplest things.

Kyle never misses an opportunity to use his new knife.

As a study in light, I exposed for the trees...

and then for the sky just a few moments later. The results blew me away. Light. Incredible.

Except for missing both of our chances to buy some Girl Scout cookies, the day was a success. Goodbye to the snow for another year!!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

So Kallie had been asking to go roller skating for a while, and I thought it might be a fun thing to do while Russ was in DC. On the very day he left, a $.49 coupon for skating landed in my inbox, and I knew we had to go!! Since it was very last minute, we were lucky to get the McBurneys to go with us.

I forgot to think about how hard it would be for one parent to help three kids who didn't know how to skate very well. I rented one skate mate for them to share, thinking that I could help Brandon while one of the girls held onto the side and the other one held onto the skate mate. When I got Brandon out on the rink, he was like this short, heavy, boneless, slippery blob. He couldn't even stand on his skates, and I wore my back out trying to get him around the rink for the first time. Kids are often surprising, though, and he soon learned to stand and take baby steps to skate. I was so glad when a lady had pity on my soul and gave me her daughter's skate mate for him to use.

Yay, I finally had a chance to skate around and get some pictures!!

Paige made a friend, and I think that helped her find the confidence to go out on the rink without the skate mate.

Meanwhile, Brandon decided he didn't need the skate mate anymore and pushed it away. The first time he did that, he started doing a jig with his feet and saying, "Look at me go!" just before rolling right onto his rump. Later, he would push it in front of him and then skate up to it. I was really surprised.

Did I forget to mention that Kyle was there? He was so fast that he only showed up as a blur on my pictures. We're glad we brought him because it was fun to watch him wipe out and roll across the rink.

By the time we left, all the kids wanted to go again soon!