Saturday, February 27, 2016

Oh, oh, oh... let's glow!

Luckily I got my friend, Brooke, to commit to running the Neon Fun Run with me long before we figured out it was stake conference weekend. Haha! But I still have to call out Lisa McB for canceling on me at the last minute two years in a row now! She missed out! We were very late to the race (a little bit because we went the wrong way, but mostly due to the police officer who halted left turns for 20 minutes!), but we actually made it to the final wave time with like four other people. Brooke was determined to pass some people from previous waves, and pass we did! Fat people, old people, and children... go us!

The race has really gone downhill in the past couple years (not literally... it was actually flat). The first year, they sprayed us with neon liquids. The next year, it was a mix of liquids and powders. This year, it was only powders. It sucks when it gets caked in your mouth and dries it out while you are trying to breathe hard. Ew! Neon cakes...

"I'm used to jogging with Shalyce," Brooke said when when she realized how slow I was. Yeah, I am not a jogger, and my legs are like half as long as Shalyce's.


About ten minutes later, the rest of our team showed up at the finish line.

We rock!

Celebrating a fun race!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Same City, New Adventures...

It was Valentine's Day weekend, it was President's Day weekend, but mostly it was a three day weekend! Russ's aunt and uncle were in San Diego, so the Johnstons threw a family shindig, and we decided to join them. Sadly, I took a grand total of zero pictures at the luncheon. Later that night, we headed to the Motocross competition at Petco Park with our good friends. Can you tell it was men's choice? I had never been, but I can definitely say I saw a lot of flannel.


The kids collected as many of these from the stadium cup holders as they possibly could, and then they used them as fake money at their store the next day.

There was a lot of seat switching. We weren't able to reserve 9 tickets together, so we had to alternate between the groups of 4 and 5 seats we had together. Luckily, they were only two rows apart...

(Did you spot the flannel?)

...which made it easier to hand the snacks back and forth!!

This is the look of satisfaction.

The next day, we had lunch with cousins. And some craziness.

And some hugs.

Monday, we took a hike to Potato Chip Rock on Mt. Woodson.

It was a really interesting hike because of the huge boulders.

Luckily I had a willing model to showcase the really cool parts of the trail.

I thought this boulder looked like a curio cabinet because there were little rocks inside the holes. Since no one gave it an official name, we didn't have to stand in line for an hour to get a picture with it.

Alas, Potato Chip Rock does have an official name, and everyone who hikes up there wants a picture. We didn't want to wait in line, so I took a picture of the boys on another rock that I like to call Potato Rock, and I photoshopped them onto Potato Chip Rock. Tada!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Ton o' Hikes

I have done so many hikes this year that it would be incredibly boring for me to document them all. Most of the time, I have been hiking alone, so I have lots of hiking selfies now. Going solo is not as bad as it seems, even though I got lost at South Mountain once. It gives me the chance to think, to connect with nature, and to listen to music, or just to listen to the earth crunching beneath my feet. It's therapeutic. One day I got the opportunity to hike Flatiron with my friends, though, and that definitely made it more fun! Here we are in the Siphon Draw Basin. I love this picture!

It was an awesome climb, as usual.

And we all made it!

Luckily Shalyce was there to take pictures of me without my knowledge. I love this pic, too... me enjoying the view... and LIFE.

Me perched up on my happy place. You know I'm feeling good in this picture.

The sun and altitude were getting to Carrie, but she put on a brave smile and made it down without throwing up. Yay team!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Picture Perfect

My sister is a talented artistic photographer, and my friend and I spent a day in Scottsdale at a gallery viewing some of the photographs she took on my parents' farm. I don't think I'm being biased when I say hers were the BEST! They had a softness to them that were lacking in the other works, and they made the ordinary extraordinary.

After viewing the photos, we explored the eclectic grounds surrounding the gallery. It was lots of fun. Selfies with a mannequin!

Then it was off to Sugar Bowl for some dessert. I had a hankering for some of their famous banana nut bread, but I also wanted a sundae, so I had them put the banana bread at the bottom of my sundae instead of a brownie. Hello heaven! It was the perfect way to top off a fun day.