Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Hiking, Biking, Yogurting (?), and Camping

Well, I had a bunch of pictures from April, but they died with my phone in Roosevelt Lake over Memorial Day weekend. Sadness. So, I'm down to the few I posted on Facebook. Losing your phone is a lot like losing your memory. You can't even remember what you did without the pictures, and you definitely can't call anyone because you don't remember anyone's phone numbers.

We begin with another trip to the top of Flatiron. I know, twice in one year! It was mostly in the name of training for the Grand Canyon, and Russ was determined to make it to the top this time. And he did!

We tried to kiss to celebrate, but it was too gross. Salty. So we settled for cuddling and my traditional shoe picture.

Yay! Happy place! And this time I wore gloves to protect my hands from the rocks. Thanks, Shalyce, for that bright idea!

No hiking trip would be complete without a selfie!

The next weekend, we planned a triple date with some friends. They decided on a bike ride, which is not one of my specialties. I don't have a good bike, and so I usually skate when we go on family bike rides. I happened to be at my sister's house earlier in the day, though, and I somehow crammed her tandem bike into my car along with four kids in seatbelts. When we got to the designated rendezvous point, we found out our friends were running late, so there was nothing to do except take selfies. Those all died on my drowned cell phone, so all you get is a picture of the bicycle. I know you're disappointed!!

Our friends are much more into biking than we are, and they laughed at us for not having helmets and wearing jeans. Hey, it was a date! We didn't even bother to fill up the tires, so we were on a super slow and low ride until our friend figured out he had a pump that could save us. Things were much better after that!! (Don't worry, we laughed at them for coming down on the blocked off maintenance road instead of the path.)

Later in the month, we all had to go to the dentist (except Brandon, who was sick). The office is right by my sister's house, so we celebrated being cavity free by picking up cousins and going out for frozen yogurt. Yeah... I'm not sure how we keep those cavities away. Haha!

Afterward, the kids convinced me to stay and let them play at the park.

Fun times!

Brandon recovered just in time to go on the father and son outing with his dad. He was so excited, and he kept telling me all about his plans. I told Russ to take pictures, and somehow... miraculously... he actually did!

That's all I've got, folks!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dirty Fun Mud Run

Mud run! We started out so clean... I even showered! This is a before and after collage that my friend made.

Since it was wet and muddy, no one brought a camera along. The only shots we got were the ones taken by the event volunteers. Apparently, I mostly dodged those photographers. Dang it! At least I got one photograph. This was right before I landed in a mud puddle at the bottom.

Happy to be muddy.

We did it!!