Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cow Fun in Laughlin

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

That was our philosophy when we went to our first big penning and sorting show to see my dad's software in action. We dressed the kids in their western wear and put up with the smell like it was no big deal (that is, until later in our hotel room when our clothes still reeked... then we had to quarantine them in a plastic bag).

I think this girl fit in best.

The horses inspired some beautiful art.

I know I shouldn't eat a Navajo taco more than once a year at the fair, but they're just so good!

Soon the kids were bored with the cow sorting, so I checked Trip Advisor to see what fun things there are to do in Laughlin. Turns out, if you're not there to gamble or do water sports, the answer is, "Not much." But we did get to stop by and see these crazy labyrinths someone had so painstakingly created.

Really bizarre, but somehow therapeutic.

This one was the king of them all.

Next, we headed to the river walk behind the casinos. After finally finding a parking spot in the crowded parking garages, we walked down to find this weird scene on the bottom level. Cat haven?

It was sunset by then, and we enjoyed gazing at the Arizona mountains bathed in warm light.

This was a cool casino.

These telescopes are irresistible to my kids.

So ended the one beautiful day in a weekend of rain and a successful run for the software.

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