Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cowboy Room

The kid wanted red. Red walls. Four red walls in a little tiny room. Why not blue, I wondered, or even brown? But who am I to argue? Yeah, I was nervous. It can only end badly, I thought. Still, I carried on and tried a few samples.

My friends laughed when I showed them the first sample.

I wiped away my tears and thought, maybe it'll be fine. Then my friends really laughed when they saw this bright red room as seen from the hallway.

Incidentally, I could not stop singing, "Painting the bedroom red, we're painting the bedroom red!" (you know, like the song from Alice in Wonderland). I also could not stop thinking of the little boy in The Shining... red room, red room, red room. Maybe I was high on paint fumes? In the end, it all turned out fine, and I loved it!

So cute!

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