Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Best Kind of Snow Day

I was afraid it was too late in the season for a fun day in the snow, but there was some snow forecast for that weekend, so we decided to take a chance.

When we got there, we were happy to find that there was snow, even if it was a little thin! Time to load up the sled!

It snowed a lot while we were there.

Say goodbye to this sled... they are about to hit a bump at bottom that will bust a couple holes in the bottom of the sled (it's not like some big heavy dude is riding it or anything). We kept using it after that, but it was a lot slower because those holes were like brakes all the way down.

The kids looked in the broken sled pile for extra sleds, so that's why our sleds all look cracked and broken. They are!

Russ decided to see if he could use a sled for a snowboard.

Somebody left a play pool at the top of the hill, and the kids soon found out why it was abandoned. It had crazy good traction and would not budge!

So fun for a day, but so glad to go back home to the valley.