Thursday, March 23, 2017

Carlsbad Caverns

Can I just start this post by saying it's pretty darn hard to get good pics in a cave? We tried different cameras and different settings, and, well, none of them are great. But anyway... in the morning, I took the two oldest girls on a special lantern tour of the Left Hand Tunnel while the others took other tours.

We got to see the cave the way early explorers would have.

In the afternoon, we went on the King's Palace Tour.

I thought this "Witch's Broom" formation was pretty awesome.

Those are some might stalagmites.

Since it was like ninety degrees at home when we left on this trip, we totally forgot to bring coats. It was in the 50s in the cave, but we survived several hours down there, only suffering some cold skin and goosebumps.

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