Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tent Rocks

The Earth is just astonishing. I mean, I've been a lot of places, so I feel like I should've seen all the different types of landscapes found on the earth, but NO! It's constantly surprising me with something new, and I had never even heard of Tent Rocks before, much less ever seen anything like them.

After a short hike through a forested area, we came to the opening of the slot canyon, which eventually leads to the top of the bluff. This is where things started to get interesting.

I'm all like... what in the world? How did those form?

Some crazy weird erosion took place here.

At the end of the slot canyon, we were greeted by these three funky formations. Super cool!

This is where the littlest kids couldn't take anymore, so I had to turn back with them while the others headed to the top of the bluff. My little man wasn't feeling well that day, and I was amazed he made it as far as he did.

Crazy big boulder right in the path.

Whenever I'm in a slot canyon, I try to remember to look up.

It took several takes to get GoPro footage of me walking through these narrows without encountering any other hikers. I'm collecting it for my "2017 Pathways" time lapse video of my adventures this year. After all, we had extra time since the others were far behind us.

And while I was waiting for the others, there was also time for a selfie!

Finally, some of the girls came racing around the corner.

By the time the rest of the group came, the perfect lighting in the canyon had been ruined by direct sunlight. Oh well, she did a cute pose for me anyway.

The end.

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