Friday, March 24, 2017

The Greatest "Snow" on Earth

You know, I really thought White Sands National Monument wouldn't be that spectacular. Sand dunes: done that. Sledding: done. Snow angels: done. What more could there be? What I didn't realize is just how soft this gypsum sand is and how much fun it would be to play in it!

The first thing we did when we arrived was buy a sled and some wax to make it extra slippery. Then we found a dune at the very back of the park where no one else was playing, and we let the fun begin.

I was super worried my camera would fall victim to the beautiful sand, but somehow I managed to keep it clean and get some great shots. This one is my favorite!

Then I handed it over so Paige could get some of me. We would run as fast as we could and then launch as hard as we could off the top edge of the dune. No matter how high or far we jumped, we were always greeted with a nice soft landing. It was so fun!

The vast desolation of the dune field also made for some pretty epic shots.

After we were done sledding, the girls tried snowboarding. It was harder than it looked!

The kids were out there all day, traveling from dune to dune, and never once getting bored. We even canceled our plans to visit a pistachio farm because we just didn't want to leave.

The final jump.

While we were there, our friends got the call they had been waiting for: a job offer from a company in North Dakota so that they could move to be closer to family. I was happy for them, but sad at the same time because I knew we would probably not see them again for a long time. So it goes when you give your heart out to your friends... they scatter it all over the world. We will miss them, but I have a feeling we will see them again someday.

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