Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End of School and Graduation!

Near the end of the school year every year, we get to go down to the school and see all about what the kids have been learning. Kallie was in the wax museum this year, and she chose Lindsey Stirling, the violinist and native of Gilbert, as her person. She diligently memorized a pretty lengthy synopsis of Lindsey's life and rattled it off like a little robot to the museum visitors.

Brando just could not wait to take us to his classroom to show us his stuff (even though I was the mom who put all the stuff together).

And I was the art masterpiece teacher.

For Kalls, too.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we arrive at the last day of school. Mrs. Emmons was a favorite teacher she will never forget!

And he loved his teacher, too!

Notice that I'm the only mom in the halls with the kids for the 6th grade clap out. That's just the way I am...

That night was graduation, and we had the brilliant idea of leaving the kids at home to watch the live streaming. It was a madhouse, but at least the weather was cool. As the procession took place, I took pictures of at least 10 kids who I thought might be Kyle before finally getting the real thing.

I could tell he was soaking up the moment.

I caught him flashing a little smile as he went up to the stage.

Congratulations Kyle! He took a giant bow, but I couldn't really get a good view of it because of those big speakers in front of him. Dang.

What is up with the devil signs?

Lots of congratulations all around... I hope that guy washed his hand after this.

The diploma!

For some reason, I suddenly sucked at operating my camera, and this picture got washed out. By the time I fixed the exposure, all the hats were gone, so I guess I'll live with it.

Proud parents secretly happy they don't have to pay child support anymore.

Wonderful grandparents who came out to support him.

And that's a wrap!

Monday, May 29, 2017


Another Memorial Day at Roosevelt! Wahoo!

We set up camp in the usual spot, and Brandon got to lounging right away.

It was a fun night of listening to Russ and his brother rehearse childhood stories.

Russ and I got up early to go and stake out a sweet spot on the beach. The expansive beach from our last trip was underwater, so we got the only beachy spot we could find.

After having breakfast and packing up the campsite, we came back and started in on the water fun!

Russ's brother's family wanted to leave early, so we invited some other friends to join us for the boating fun. I think I forgot my big camera, so we had to make do with the waterproof camera and the GoPro. We don't have too many pictures of the couch rides this year, or any pics of Russ wakeboarding, but hey... we had fun.

After the lake, we stopped at our traditional Mexican food dinner spot. That's a day well spent!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Joshua Tree

My very favorite album of all time BY FAR was going to be played in its entirety, and I HAD TO GO. Didn't matter that there was only one show in the entire southwestern United States, that I had to join the fan club to get early access to tickets, or that I had to travel to another state to see it. And so our mid-May trip to San Diego was born, but it's all good because we have family there and that meant cousin time!!

Russ was working while we were swimming, but I told him that no matter what happened at work, he HAD TO BE OFF by 2pm so we could drive to Los Angeles for the concert. He told his boss his marriage might be in jeopardy if he didn't leave on time, but their deployment went well and he was ready. Even though I tried to get tickets right at the exact moment they went on sale, I was unable to get general admission, so we ended up on row nine on the opposite side of the stage with a full frontal view. Not too bad considering the stadium holds 92,000 people!

They started the concert on a small stage that was jutting out into the field from the main stage, and we could barely see them. Some people couldn't see them at all because of the giant two-story sound booth. Some of those people rushed onto the field and I was secretly jealous. They played a bunch of early songs, and then... the music from the beginning of "Where the Streets Have No Name" started playing and the giant screen lit up with a huge joshua tree. It was electrifying! I was overflowing with energy and excitement, jumping and screaming. Get ready to see a bunch of joshua trees.

During the songs, they had images and videos relating to the song. This one was for "Trip Through Your Wires."

"One Tree Hill"

"Mothers of the Disappeared"

And more joshua trees!

After the album was done, they played some of their newer music like "One," "Ultra Violet," and "Beautiful Day."

I screamed as loud as I could, "I love you!" I wonder if they heard me ;)

Yeah, it took an hour to get out of the Rose Bowl parking lot, and it took us until 3 or 4 am to get back to San Diego, but it was SOOOOOOOO worth it!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Lucky Number Seven

It's hard to believe my little guy could possibly be so big. He wanted a dog-themed birthday party at Flipside. May was so busy that I didn't have time to plan an elaborate party, so I texted my friends who have boys his age and a party was born!

Bumper cars!

Next was mini bowling. Brandon's friend told us he has a grandma and grandpa who were champion bowlers and that they taught him how to bowl. His mother corroborated the first half of that story, but I can believe the last half because look at that sweet move!

I tried to get a sweet pic of the birthday boy doing the same thing, but didn't have quite as much luck.

After bowling, we wasted lots of money on a lame laser maze. Just tell your kids NO.

I saved a bunch of money by having the pizza and cupcakes at home, and I made it a dog-themed party by picking up some Paw Patrol plates. Mom win!

He loved everything about his special day, and that's all that matters.