Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fun in Farmington

Technically, our friends live in Bloomfield, but Farmington is better for my alliterative title, okay?

The best thing about having friends who live far away is you actually get to have legit sleepovers with them!

And the best thing about these particular friends is that they are super chill and laid back. So much so that they actually have a bounce house in their living room! What kind of awesome kid house is this? Geez!

The best thing about the bounce house is that it makes all the little kids leave you alone so you can have teen girl talk.

While we were visiting, we had to make a stop at the spudnut shop. You see, my mom grew up in Farmington, and she would always ditch seminary to get the freshest, warmest, most delicious spudnuts on the planet at Jolley's spudnut shop! My sister and I got to experience those spudnuts back in 1996 (although my mom swore they were not quite as good), but since then the shop had closed and Farmington lived in spudnutless darkness for many years. That all changed last year when someone opened up Johnny O's Spudnuts, which uses the same exact recipes!

Yes, there are potatoes in those doughnuts!

Thanks Johnny O!

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