Saturday, August 5, 2017

Moonlight Ride

Someone gave me the idea of a moonlight Salt River float, and you know what? I actually planned it! Sarah is the master photographer and managed to get this awesome selfie of the group with the mighty Superstitions in the background by propping her phone up on her truck.

Soon it was twilight, and we prepared our tubes for launch. The full moon was out, there weren't many clouds, and we even saw a falling star (thanks to the Perseid meteor shower)!

I tried to get a picture of the full moon, but instead I got an artistic view of the glow sticks from another group passing by and a crazy moon. I thought it was pretty cool, though!

I blinded everyone a few dozen times trying to get the settings on my camera right, but hey, it was worth it! (To me.) Here's one half of the party crew! Wait, Russ, why are you sitting backwards? Always trying to be different.

And the other half.

And me.

We had some seriously hilarious moments on that trip. There was a shallow spot with a big rock, and we didn't manage to maneuver around it, so Shawn's whole tube got beached on it and we came to a sudden halt. Then there were the rude people blasting their crappy music, and Pete got out and pulled our whole tube train with full on freestyle swimming. When Sarah said he hates music in nature, she was serious. Later on in a quiet part of the river, we suddenly heard a loud plop... right on my side! Was it Nessy? I held my butt up high until it was shaking after that. Then there were the rapids at the end, and the Spendloves had the unfortunate luck of going over first, backwards. I saw water wash over their entire bodies right before I got soaked myself. By then it was like 10pm, and getting soaked made us a little chilly, but luckily our ride was almost over. That was a night I'll never forget!

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